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What is the most important thing on Yom Kippur? 22 takahmamash 1 year
Gmar Chasima Tova 12 This name is already taken 1 year
Davening on Yom Kippur 37 Shticky Guy 1 year
[closed] Yom Kippur and Atheists 50 YW Moderator-127 1 year
Post-fasting tips 16 Stock Trader 1 year
Tips For Fasting on Yom Kippur 57 Mimk 1 year
shabbos clothes + crocs 28 147 1 year
Getting a Cake Handout from the Gabbai on Erev Yom Kippur 5 shmoel 2 years
Yom Kippur/ Tisha Bav Warning! (no mussar enclosed) 30 The_Cool_Jew 2 years
Tom's shoes have Leather!!! SPREAD THE WORD! 7 Luna Lovegood 2 years
[closed] Advice for fasting YK 30 SayIDidIt™ 2 years
Erev yom kippur question 15 yitayningwut 2 years
Smelling Powders on Yom Kippur 36 hello99 2 years
What to do first, Tashlich or Kapparos? 5 mommamia22 2 years
Visiting Day, the Holiest Day of the Year? 1 chofetzchaim 2 years
IMPORTANT: Don't forget Kiddush on Yom Kippur 35 Health 2 years
Washing Your Car on Yom Kippur 16 commonsense 2 years
Mechila- Making the first move 8 Toi 2 years
Tshuva, Tfilla, Tzedaka 5 am yisrael chai 3 years
Price of Psicha for Neila 59 justsmile613 4 years
Would This Be Mutar? 19 oomis 4 years
Insight into Viduy 1 ilyae1301 4 years
Drasha for Yom Kippur 6 Yanky55 4 years
[closed] Kapparos: Chickens, Fish, or Money? 199 YW Moderator-80 5 years
What Kind of a Kapora is This??? 69 Give Me a Break 5 years
Wearing a Talis During Shabbos Shuva Drasha? 6 mariner 5 years
Time Releasing Nutrition Capsule For Yom Kippur 16 Yanky55 5 years
Shmiras Ainayim 2 YWPOSTER 5 years
Kol Nidreh 6 rabbiofberlin 6 years

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