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What is the most important thing on Yom Kippur? 22 takahmamash 11 months
Gmar Chasima Tova 12 This name is already taken 11 months
Davening on Yom Kippur 37 Shticky Guy 11 months
[closed] Yom Kippur and Atheists 50 YW Moderator-127 11 months
Post-fasting tips 16 Stock Trader 1 year
Tips For Fasting on Yom Kippur 57 Mimk 1 year
shabbos clothes + crocs 28 147 1 year
Getting a Cake Handout from the Gabbai on Erev Yom Kippur 5 shmoel 1 year
Yom Kippur/ Tisha Bav Warning! (no mussar enclosed) 30 The_Cool_Jew 1 year
Tom's shoes have Leather!!! SPREAD THE WORD! 7 Luna Lovegood 2 years
[closed] Advice for fasting YK 30 SayIDidIt™ 2 years
Erev yom kippur question 15 yitayningwut 2 years
Smelling Powders on Yom Kippur 36 hello99 2 years
What to do first, Tashlich or Kapparos? 5 mommamia22 2 years
Visiting Day, the Holiest Day of the Year? 1 chofetzchaim 2 years
IMPORTANT: Don't forget Kiddush on Yom Kippur 35 Health 2 years
Washing Your Car on Yom Kippur 16 commonsense 2 years
Mechila- Making the first move 8 Toi 2 years
Tshuva, Tfilla, Tzedaka 5 am yisrael chai 2 years
Price of Psicha for Neila 59 justsmile613 3 years
Would This Be Mutar? 19 oomis 3 years
Insight into Viduy 1 ilyae1301 3 years
Drasha for Yom Kippur 6 Yanky55 3 years
[closed] Kapparos: Chickens, Fish, or Money? 199 YW Moderator-80 4 years
What Kind of a Kapora is This??? 69 Give Me a Break 5 years
Wearing a Talis During Shabbos Shuva Drasha? 6 mariner 5 years
Time Releasing Nutrition Capsule For Yom Kippur 16 Yanky55 5 years
Shmiras Ainayim 2 YWPOSTER 5 years
Kol Nidreh 6 rabbiofberlin 5 years

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