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    Is it better worse or the same to listen to secular Israeli music over American music? What about TV and movies?

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    If the content is assur why would there be a difference?

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    Avi K

    I am not up on current pop culture. However, secular Israel pop culture has traditionally been much better from a Jewish point of view than American pop culture, which is generally emptiness. Naomi Shemer, Yehoram Gaon and Arik Einstein in particular wrote very good songs. BTW, Einstein denied that he wrote “Hu Chazar b’Teshuva” about Uri Zohar. He said that he wrote it after he saw a TV show in which parents whose BT children cut off contact were interviewed.

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    “If the content is assur why would there be a difference?”

    If someone is doing something assur wouldn’t it be better if they were doing something less assur?

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    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    bmyer – I agree. I definitely think there are different levels when it comes to these things.

    I think that SadiguraRebbe may have thought that you were talking about a case in which both have the same assur content, and didn’t realize that you were trying to find out which one has content that is less bad.

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    Even if they have the same assur content would one be better or worse hashkafically?
    I.E. Could it be easier to stop one over the other?
    Is one less or more accepted in your community and would that be good or bad?
    For an american is Israeli stuff “jewish” so that’s worse? Or maybe their less prone to get affected because their farther removed from that culture (and might not even understand it)?

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    Secular Israeli culture is frankly embarrassing. It’s a rotten facsimile of Western pop culture with ‘traditional’ Jewish influences, and it’s facile, immature and laughable. That the purported ‘Jewish State’ feels the need to copy Western pop culture is bad enough, without it being a crude, facile cheap version. They’re genuinely bad at it. And as to the opening question, neither are okay, and furthermore, neither are really worth your time anyway.

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