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Seminary for french girl in uk ?

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  • Started 4 years ago by lismahone
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  1. lismahone

    Hi everybody !
    I'm a french girl of 17 years old.
    I am writing to you because I would like to have more info. about seminary for girls in my age , in uk.

    So some people advice me sem in manchester : Beis soroh schenirer seminary and Beis Yaakov ;Do u have info please ?
    -Can I stay there just for 1 year there?
    -Do they accept not only english people but french too ?
    -Do u have an idea of the prices for my parents ?
    I heard also about the Beis Chaye Rochel Seminary in Gateshead
    the London Bnos Beis Rochel Satmar Sem
    The London Bnos Choyil Sem
    Thank u really if u can help me by telling me advices and informations because its so important for me :)
    And how the sem decide if a girl is accepted or not?! :)
    I'm not from a very frum frum family so I don't have many info :/

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  2. Shoe store assistant
    boki but not a lamdan

    Why aren't you in touch with Rabbi Katz of paris? He is a mechutan with some of the big english rabbanim, and quite involved. His son Harav Yudah lived in gateshead for many years and was considerd one of the choshuve talmidei chachomim over there.

    He is very helpful, and is mekarev people, and he has conections.

    Hatzlacha Rabba.

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  3. Bonjour!

    Posted 4 years ago #
  4. lismahone

    Okay , thank u !!! I will think about it :)
    The Litvishe Kiryas Yoelite : Bonjour !!!

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  5. There are tons of French girls in Gateshead, especially in the new sem I think (Beis Chaya Rochel). That one is also a bit more 'modern' than the old sem, so it might be a bit more pleasant if you're not from a very frum family.

    Sometimes walking around on shabbos I think I'm in France, here in Gateshead. :)

    Posted 4 years ago #
  6. Bored214

    Hi, i was in the new gateshead sem. There were LOADS of french girls!! if you're a good girl and you're really coming because you want to learn then you will do very well there. In the new gateshead you will not be the only one who's family is not so frum - Rabbi Katz accepts girls for who THEY are, and NOT who their family are. As long as you are really serious and can convince rabbi katz that you are serious you will be ok.

    And one more thing - if you do go - try not to be like the majority of the other french girls who are there and try to get to know girls who are not french as well!

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  7. Bored214

    And in reply to all your questions

    - If you tell them when you apply that you want to just stay for one year they will not accept you.

    - They accept every single nationality in the world as long as they're jewish.

    - The best thing is to first apply and then talk about the money.

    - I dont know what kind of girl you are to advise you which sem would be best for you and there's too much to write about each of them - so you're best off telling us what kind of place you would like to study in for people to advise you which one to go to.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  8. lismahone

    Thank you so much, for your answers :) the hassidishe gatesheader and bored124 ;)
    You really help me and I try with all the info. I have,to convince my parents to let me do a sem !!!!
    Bored124, you went to Gateshead ?! sooo great , can I just ask u questions please ??? or the hassidishe gatesheader too:)
    Sorry if I bother you ... but really I am so determine to do a sem!!!

    -You went to the new sem during 2 years?
    -Really , if I said I just want to do 1 year they won't accept me ?! How can I do ? All the girls do 2 years?
    -How many girls we are in the all new sem? and per class?
    -Do u know approximately the number of french girls in the new sem?
    -How old are the girls?
    -Do u advice me this sem? It brought u something for your life right? ( my parents think its useless ..)
    -What sort of Kodesh is teach? ( houmash , hashkafa , parasha , tsniout...?) If u can describe ur timetable pleaseee ?
    -The lessons are in English?
    -What about the HOL lessons ?? Do u have info ? ( I am interested in it , it's a good way to convince my parents :p)
    -For tsniout , do we need a pleated skirt , and 10cm under the knees?

    And by the way , I dont understand your phrase:"And one more thing - if you do go - try not to be like the majority of the other french girls who are there and try to get to know girls who are not french as well! "
    The french girl stay with the french one ? the american with the american ? ... It is that ?

    Thank u so much for share ur experience !!!! You really help me :)

    Posted 4 years ago #
  9. Bored214

    My pleasure to help :-)

    -Yes i went for two years. Loved it, it was amazing.
    -They dont like it when u only come for on year because then u dont finish the studies. Majority do two years and they are very unhappy when girls leave after one year.
    -when i was in sem it was 200 girls - 110 in first year and 90 in second year.
    -of course i advise sem - it changes your whole outlook on life, made me a different person.
    - 8.45am-12.45pm is 4 shiurim on chumash, hashkafa, parsha, tznius, mesillas yesharim, 13 ikrim etc etc etc all amazing shiurim by amazing rabbanim. 12.45-2.00 is lunch. 2pm-6pm is courses in college - any courses like fitness, beauty, hair, child development, special needs etc etc. 6pm-7.30pm is supper. 7.30pm-9.00pm is more shiurim.
    for tzniut u need any skirt 4 inches below your knee, it doesnt have to be pleated.

    and yes that was what i meant - except only the french stick together, the rest of the sem mix. but there are french girls who mix as well i have a few very good friends from france. Not sure how many french girls are there now.

    If your parents want you to do french exams you can do that as well in sem - many french girls studied for their french exams while in sem.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  10. lismahone

    Wooow , thank you really !!!
    When I am reading your text , I really want to go there :)
    I just have some more questions please :
    -Do you know if the afternoon , we can go to university ?
    -What sort of studies do french girls? Where can they learn?!
    -But even the classes are separated? A french class, an american one ...? A french bedroom , an english one ...?
    -Is it really a good atmosphere with all the different nationality,? because I think its too bad to not share moments with american or english girls^^?
    -The kodesh lessons are in english?

    Thank u so much xoxo

    Posted 4 years ago #
  11. They have some really hcovushe rabbonim in the new seminarry, including r' avrohom katz, for hashkafa - he is an amzing speaker and a special person, and r' elozor lieberman for halocho - he is one the senior rabbonim in gateshead and a massive talmid chochom, with very clear delivery.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  12. Bored214

    Which university do you want to go to?
    i'm not sure what studies they did - i just know alot of the french girls used to spend all afternoon studying for french exams so that they could continue with their french studies when they got back to france.
    No not at all - everything is mixed, classes, bedrooms, courses - everyone is together with everyone, but the french who dont speak english well just dont talk to anyone else except the french girls.
    and yes the kodesh lessons are in english..
    pleasure and good luck :-)

    Posted 4 years ago #
  13. lismahone

    Thank you for your answers !
    I don't really know wich university but maybe something different that they propose, like economy ...
    So the french girls were in the sem studying all the afternoon?
    or they went in a outside building?
    Yeah , I understand but we can also be friend with english girls right did it exist when u were there ^^?
    Okay , that's great ,I have to apply for it now!!
    Do I have to do that before hanouka? When the sem stop the inscriptions?

    Thank u really :))

    Posted 4 years ago #
  14. Bored214

    I replied to this post but it's not showing, did it get lost in cyberspace or did Mods stop it for some reason??

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  15. Bored214

    Ok so here's my reply again. I dont think u can do a course in any other university except for what the sem organise. You should call up the sem and ask for a prospectus and they will send you a whole booklet with all information about all the courses etc. So yes the french girls used to study in the sem in the afternoons.
    and yes it did exist when i was in sem - i said before i was good friends with two french girls. I think you have to apply by chanuka but if you know of a rav in france who has connections with gateshead you should try and talk to him because it may be difficult for you to get in on your own if your parents dont really want you to go.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  16. lismahone

    Okay ; Thank you for everything really ; thank u for answering me:)

    Posted 4 years ago #
  17. Bored214

    Pleasure just let me know when ur accepted :-)

    Posted 4 years ago #
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    lismahone How do you pronounce your screen name

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  19. lismahone

    I guess I pronounce it how it is written :)

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