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    Ok let’s share the wealth. So far we had 3 chanuka parties and another one coming up tonight IY”H. That’s right folks, I’m batting 100 so far! (Yay!!!)

    What yummy stuff did you eat this chanuka? Do you have a milichig seuda?

    So far everything I ate was delicious, but the 3 yummiest foods I had so far were

    1) Mom’s delicious sweet cheese latkes

    2) homemade carmel nutty custard cheesecake (MIL)

    3) My wife’s delicious milichig custard donuts – best donuts EVER!



    Well, why don’t you share the doughnut recipe with us? I was actually looking for a good one…



    The recipe? That’s my wife’s department. I just eat ’em, not make ’em. I will have to ask my wife for the recipe though if you want it.



    Please get the donut recipe. We LOVE custard donuts here.

    The cheesecake sounds pretty good, too.

    I have believe it or not NOT yet made latkes this Chanukah. I made other foods in oil, so I feel I am yotzeis, and will make them for the last day wehn my family is coming over.

    Now if you want a delicious Chicken Marsala… I make a really good one – my original recipe.



    For Shabbos dinner, I am making a delicious Yankee pot roast with latkes and braised sweet and sour red cabbage. The combination of the rich gravy on crispy latkes is to die for. Dessert will be parve donuts, fried apple pies, Sharon’s Sorbet, and Stella d’Oro cookies. As an additional side dish to go with the meat, we’re having roasted broccoli with olive oil and spices.

    As a forshpeis, we are having first some fried tilapia with a lemon dill tartar sauce, along with salads, and then matzah ball soup, and empanadas- fried Cuban meat pies. A picadillo is made first, with onion, garlic, ground beef, Spanish tomato sauce, olive oil, Badia Adobo seasoning, sofrito (homemade- haven’t yet found one kosher), and fresh cilantro and culantro, with some other spices. This mixture is spooned into parve pastry discs (made with ice cold beef suet from Grow and Behold and Crisco), crimped into little pies, and fried.

    Another fun oil-themed thing we did earlier in the week was a milchig Olive Oil tasting. We managed to get a lot of hechshered extra virgin olive oil- from Greece, Israel, Italy, and made some flavored olive oils with these. Some were spicy, some were more verdant. It was interesting trying them all, with assorted olives, different breads for dipping, and with feta cheese and fresh mozzarella slices for additional sampling.

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