PHOTOS: Massive UJO of Williamsburg Peasch Food Distribution at the Brooklyn Navy Yard



Hundreds of cars, and thousands of people lined up for Passover food at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Williamsburg today. The crowds of people, stretching over a mile, received thousands of pounds of Kosher-for-Passover food in an effort to help the needy observe the upcoming holiday according to tradition. The event, sponsored by the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg and the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty saw those in need receive vegetables, fruits, and grape juice for Yom Tov.

For families in need, Passover is one of the most difficult times of the year and is largely overlooked. The large crowds in Williamsburg represented those who sometimes must forgo the necessities of their traditions due to financial concerns.

The holiday demands special Kosher for Passover foods which must be purchased, often times at great cost. Many poorer Jewish families in Williamsburg, most of whom have large households, are unable to properly observe a festive and joyous holiday without the UJO-Met Council Passover food distribution event.

Dignitaries and elected officials from Brooklyn and New York state were on hand to assist in the effort. These officials saw the difficulties the needy families face and assisted with the distribution effort.

The very well-coordinated event was made possible by the forethought and efforts of the organizing institutions as well as volunteers from the Williamsburg Shomrim Patrol (WSPU) and the staff at the Navy Yard.

“I hope that the distribution will help bring an additional measure of chairos during the Seder and over Peasch to the thousands of Willimsburg residents who are going through difficult financial times and ease their burden to obtain food” said Rabbi David Niederman, Executive Director of the UJO. “This distribution would not have been possible without the efforts and tireless work of the CEO of Met Council, Willie Rapfogel and his outstanding team of dedicated individuals at Met Council who stand ready, day in and day out for families, seniors and children who are struggling to survive in today’s harsh economy, be it with food, housing, counseling or the many other services they provide to people in crisis”.

“The UJO gratefully acknowledges the support of elected officials who support our day to day activities and joined us today at the Chalika :
NYS Comptroller Tom Dinapoli, Public Advocate Bill Deblasio, NYC Comptroller John Liu, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Senator Martin Dilan, Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, Councilman Steve levin , District Leader Chris Olechowski”, Rabbi NIederman told YWN.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos by Hillel Engel.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. A great photo op for the politicians. The chesed is heartwarming, but it is truly disheartening to read that thousands of people lined up for a mile because of need. This is America, not an impoverished third world country and there must be a way to lift those people out of poverty.

  2. Unfortunately as long as these people are prevented from accessing collegiate / post collegiate education, those that do work are mostly confined to jobs that pay wages that are simply inadequate to feed their families. Unfortunately these lines will only lengthen from year to year and the dependency on government / private donations will only increase.