TRAGIC: Lubavitcher From India Killed From Rocket Fire On Mumbai Anniversary


Three Lubavitchers have been killed in a grad rocket attack on a Chabad neighborhood of Kiryat Malachi, Israel Thursday morning.

The victims were identified as 49-year-old Ahron Smadga, Yitzchak Amsalam, and 27-year-old Mira Scharf (nee Cohen), who was 7 months pregnant.

Scharf’s husband Shmuel was critically injured, as were their 3 children.

The Scharfs were active in the Jewish community in New Delhi, India.

Her funeral will take place Thursday at 8 pm from Shamgar Funeral Home in Jerusalem.

Today, Rosh Chodesh Kislev is the yahrtzeit of Mumbai Shluchim Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg obm, murdered in a terrorist attack in 2008.

49-year-old Ahron Smadga leaves behind 3 children, a set of twins and a 2 year old baby, which were born after 14 years of marriage.

His funeral will take place Thursday at 8 pm from Nachlas Har Chabad.

Please say tehillim for:

Shmuel ben Chaya Sarah Yehudis
Yosef Yitzchak ben Mira Rut
Chana bas Mira Rut
Geulah bas Mira Rut

The victims were killed and injured when a Grad rocket hit an apartment building in Kiryat Malachi. The dead were among a large group that had taken refuge in an old building that suffered a direct hit from a Grad rocket.