WATCH THIS: NY Traffic Agent Gives School Bus Ticket For Parking In No Standing Zone – While Children Are Getting Onto Bus



  1. Seems like he gave a ticket bc there was no driver….. bus was parked illegal as per the sign, if the bus is picking up kids then the driver needs to be in the bus…..

  2. Every cop certainly knows that loading or discharging passengers is permitted in a no-standing zone. So what’s the explanation here? He’s an anti-semite? Right … The video does not show how long the bus was waiting there before the children came …

  3. No anti-semitism here! The officer has a quota to fill! Plain and Simple! He doesn’t care if the ticket is challenged – point is he gave the ticket!

  4. This ticket is not valid.
    Incorrect details !!
    #1. Ticket reads “all days”
    Actually it’s @school days only”
    #2. Ticket reads “7 AM to 12 AM”
    Actually it’s 7AM to 5 PM
    This renders the ticket invalid.

  5. According to NYC Law:

    Sign indicates that vehicles may NOT stand at this location. You may not wait or stop to load/unload packages or merchandise at curbside. You may stop to expeditiously drop off or pick up passengers.”

    If the bus is off and the driver is not in the bus, that is not “expeditiously” and therefore illegal.
    To those who scream “Antisemitism” (just like when certain people did that by Rabbi Finks traffic stop) you are like the boy who cried wolf and when a legitimate issue of antisemitism arises, no one will be there to defend us because “oh, the Jews always cry antisemitism every time something doesn’t go their way!”

  6. There is no exception for school buses loading/unloading passengers in a “No Standing Zone” unless the sign says so. See Section 4-08 (c) of the New York City Traffic rules. The Yeshiva should ask for a sign that reads either “No standing except authorized vehicles” or “No standing-bus stop”.

  7. I allow others with more information to comment on the legality of this. I am bothered by something else. The city has repeatedly denied that there are quotas, but it is common knowledge and fact that this is a lie. The city treats motorists as a hefty piece of the budget, and the viciousness to ticket and collect fines is second to none. Most tickets are not morally justified even if fully legal. Some example:

    * Hydrants do not need a 30 foot space with no parking. That is based on an obsolete situation in which the pumper truck needed to be next to the hydrant. That is not the case today. There are still hundreds of hydrants that have no piping underneath and cannot be used to fight fires. But they are left in place to issue citations.
    * Bus stops take up huge stretches of potential parking spots. With all safety issues considered, it is oppressive and unfair.
    * Alternate sides parking is to allow for street cleaning. Many streets are clean without the city doing anything. Others are as filthy after the cleaning trucks pass as they were before.
    * Is anyone aware that you may not block your own driveway? Yes, you can get ticketed.
    * Long stretches of no standing in front of shuls serve no purpose.

    These are just examples of fund raising activities. The logic is to randomly make something illegal, then enforce it, and make money. This is absurd, but has become a staple of city government. Most tickets are not scofflaws who ignore the law. They are “gotcha” tickets. Something stinks really bad.

    Now let’s see if Kalman Yeger will address this. He should know that much of the congestion comes from other neighborhoods and from those circling to find parking. Creating his dream shuttle will not help a thing except to bring additional large vehicles into the already congested Boro Park.

  8. The irony is that the reason for the No Standing regulation in front of the school is so that the school’s buses can have a safe place to load and unload the children at the school…

  9. DR: And that’s why the yeshivos in Flatbush have “No standing except authorized vehicles”, not just the more prohibitive “No Standing”.

    TLIK: “Most tickets are not scofflaws who ignore the law.” I disagree. You ignore a street sign or a known reason not to park somewhere you are a “scofflaw”. It is not a “gotcha”.

    How much would it cost to identify and remove the hydrants without piping?

    As to blocking your own driveway, here is the actual rule:

    (2) Driveways. In front of a public or private driveway, except that it shall be permissible for the
    owner, lessor or lessee of the lot accessed by a private driveway to park a passenger vehicle
    registered to him/her at that address in front of such driveway, provided that such lot does not
    contain more than two dwelling units and further provided that such parking does not violate any
    other provision of the Vehicle and Traffic Law or local law or rule concerning the parking,
    stopping or standing of motor vehicles. The prohibition herein shall not apply to driveways that
    have been rendered unusable due to the presence of a building or other fixed obstruction and,
    therefore, are not being used as defined in §4-01(b) of these rules.

    Bus stops: Depending if the route has the newer “Select Buses” that are double the regular buses, they need the extra space.

    Alternate side parking: If the street is not clean complain to the community board and the Dept. of Sanitation.

    I do not know why houses of worship are granted the space in front of them.

    And yes, I live in Flatbush, have Alternate Side parking two mornings a week and 4 “night” ASP’s on the main street two blocks away.