Lakewood: Missing 2-Year-Old Child Found Lifeless In Sewer Tank


7:40PM EST: Lakewood Police have made a horrific discovery, just a few moments ago, bringing an end to a three hour search for a missing child.

Highly credible sources tell YWN that police had received reports of a Hispanic child missing approximately three hours ago. Police arrived, and a search was launched. Lakewood Chaveirim and LCSW assisted in the search, which unfortunately ended with a horrible discovery.

Police searching the property found the child, lifeless, inside a sewer tank – on the property.

A large police investigation is underway, and further details will be published when they become available to us.

(Paloma Gefen – YWN)


  1. Thank you LPD and Lakewood Chaveirim members who were @ the scene right away and had already set up a command center including it’s new tower 1 light tower and were about to send it’s members to search when the child was found sadly unalive.
    Chaveirim stayed and helped with it’s extensive knowledge and training in removing the thinks blocking rescue workers from getting into the septic tank, may all volunteers always be safe.