London Mayoral Candidate Tours Chareidi Community


bm.jpgConservative Party Mayoral candidate Boris Johnson outlined his plans for London while speaking at a London Jewish Forum breakfast, last week. He guaranteed action on housing in the charedi community, vowed to ensure the British National Party is denied an “aura of moderation,” and added: “I think racism and anti-semitism are a poison in the bloodstream of Europe. We must not allow the BNP to take on any aura of moderation and become in any way acceptable.”

During the talk, the Conservative MP outlined his support for faith schools and the protection of older Shuls as heritage buildings.

Johnson, Shadow Minister for Higher Education also took a tour of Jewish residences, shops, schools and the Hatzolah emergency service in Stamford Hill on Tuesday . It followed his pledge at the LJF gathering to address the Charedi housing problem by creating bigger houses rather than “high rises” in London.

He said: “We should cease to be so dogmatic about the number of affordable units and allow the creation of more 5 bedroom houses. It’s a crucial part of my vision that we don’t try to solve the problems by building high rises with tiny rooms.”

Hackney Councillor Harvey Odze, who was on the tour, said: It was an extremely useful visit. He saw some parts of Hackney which have been allowed to degenerate.

“He built up a rapport with schoolchildren and was interested in explanations of Hatzolah.”

(Source: Totally Jewish)