UPDATE: Over 20 Dead & 100 Injured In Mass Shooting At Vegas Music Festival


Survivors recap the horrific scene, with “many bodies in the streets and nowhere to run”.

Automatic gunfire rang out during the last song of a three-day country music concert on Route 91 on the Vegas strip, just opposite the Mandalay Bay Casino. The gunfire rang out shortly after 10:15PM local time Sunday night as singer Jason Aldean was performing his last song. Participants first thought the gunfire was fireworks. At some point, Aldean realized it was gunfire; stopped the concert and fled off stage as shouts were already heard from the crowd and concert attendees could be seen running for their lives.

Police have reported the gunfire came from a balcony of the hotel. There were initially reports of multiple shooters but ultimately, police have determined there was one shooter and “that shooter is down”.

Fox News reports there were 20,000 to 30,000 attending the concert “in a very compact area”.

The following information is provided by Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo from Clark County during a media briefing conducted live on Fox News at 4:27AM EST.

We received multiple calls of shots fired from the Mandalay Bay towards the concert. We located the suspect on the 32nd floor. The shooter, a local resident, has been killed. We are interested in a companion traveling with him; Marilou Danley, an Asian female about 4 ft 11inches. We are interested in speaking to her for follow-up.

The Red Cross is responding to police HQ to receive phone calls from distressed family members. The number is still being established. Anyone with cell phone or other video, please respond to LV Metropolitan Police HQ.

FBI Special Agent Aharon Rauss is assisting in the investigation. There are over 20 dead and over 100 injured but we do not have accurate numbers at this time. Two police officers are hospitalized, one critical and one minor. Other police personnel, some responded off duty, have expired. More details to follow.

Accusations and social media disinformation pertaining to multiple shooters and explosives are not based in fact. At this point, we believe this is tied to a local individual and at this time, we do not know his beliefs.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)