WATCH: Shomrim Bust Crown Heights Package Thief



Last week, YWN published a video of the suspect robbing other homes in Crown Heights.

A suspect was nabbed Feb. 27 after apparently attempting to do more of the same. This time, a Shomrim security volunteer spotted him, called other volunteers in, and they grabbed the suspect, holding him until police arrived.

Surveillance video of his arrest shows the suspect casually climbing up the steps of a home, sitting down on the top step, and tearing into a package. The suspect rifles through the package, pocketing some its contents, before picking up a second package, climbing down to the bottom of the stairs, sitting down and attempting to tear into it.

That’s when three men come running up and bring the suspect to the ground, holding him. They are joined by a two more men.

They held the suspect until the police arrived.

Hector Roman, 33, faces charges of with petit larceny and possession of stolen property.

Source: CBS New York