NJ Man Dies In Car Fire After Driving Over A Downed Live Wire


Authorities say a man died in New Jersey after he drove his car around some traffic cones meant to warn motorists to stay away from a downed live wire.

Police in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, say it appears the vehicle hit the wire, which sparked a fire that engulfed the car at about 9 a.m. Thursday.

Friends identified him as 40-year-old Anthony Gonzalez of Wanaque, New Jersey. They say he leaves behind a wife and three children.

The fire totally gutted the vehicle.

The area received about 2 feet of snow during this week’s storm.

A police spokesman says the department doesn’t have the personnel to post an officer at every hazard, and in the case of a downed wire it blocks off the area and alerts the power company.



  1. Ouch. The power company should be able to put up sturdy barriers that say DANGER – LIVE WIRES or something. Obviously, a few cones could have signified a pothole. Terrible.