Report: Hagel Meets With Jewish Leaders


Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), President Obama’s nominee for secretary of Defense, met with leaders from some of the country’s largest Jewish groups at the White House on Friday, according to reports.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations on Monday called the meeting, which also included Vice President Biden, “an important opportunity for a serious and thorough discussion of key issues of importance to all of us.”

Officials from the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee were also in attendance.
Hagel faces strong opposition from GOP lawmakers and pro-Israel groups who seized on a comment he made in 2006 claiming a “Jewish lobby” intimidates members of Congress. Those groups have accused Hagel of being weak on Iran and Hamas.

Hagel recently expressed regret for the remark, calling it a “poor choice of words,” and has vowed to “expand the depth and breadth of U.S.-Israel cooperation.”

Since addressing the comment, Hagel has picked up the support of Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), bolstering his chances of winning confirmation.

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(Source: The Hill)


  1. Guy is the biggest farce around. For 12 years he voted AGAINST Israel, against Iran, FOR Hamas and is now doing a turn-around in order to get elected. Chucky Schumer want were you thinking, after a 90 minute dialogue you are ready to call him your ‘friend’.. The smell of politics here and in Israel gets worse & worse.

    BH, Hakadosh Baruch Who is watching over Am Yisroel.

  2. He is involved with george soros which is a self hating Jew, who supports J street,U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli OCCUPATION and code pink just of fews anti Israeli org. You want him as secretary of defense