Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch Assists Police In Making Arrests


lcsw2.jpgThis past Motzei Shabbos, Lakewood’s Civilian Safety Watch assisted the LPD in apprehending 2 suspects for breaking into cars.

At approximetly 2:30AM, volunteers from the patrol witnessed 2 males looking into vehicles with flashlights in the area of Clifton Avenue and 7th Street. After watching them from a distance for some time, it became apparent that they were breaking into vehicles on the street.

The Lakewood PD was called, and were directed to the exact location of the suspects by members of the patrol. Upon seeing the LPD cruiser enter the rear-yard of 325 6th Street, the suspects fled on foot with their hands full of various items.
Officer Eric Miick managed to apprehend and arrest one suspect, and a few minutes later, the second suspect was nabbed by Officers Chris Matlosz, Jay Marrero and Dan Merill.

On their possession were GPS systems, cash, cell phones and other items left carelessly in plain-view by local residents in their cars.

The 15 and 16 year-old suspects were charged with juvenile delinquency for burglarizing vehicles, and one suspect was charged with possession of a weapon – after “brass-knuckles” were found in his pocket.

YWN spoke with Lakewood Police Chief Rob Lawson who had nothing but praise with the Civilian Safety Patrol. “The members did exactly as they were supposed to do, and if not for them these two suspects may still be burglarizing cars”, Lawson said.
When asked if he feels that people should join the patrol, Lawson said that it’s a “excellent idea”.

Additionally Chief Lawson told YWN that on Sunday night there were four homes burglarized in Lakewood on the “600 block” of 5th street. As is almost always the case, all four apartments had left their windows opened – leaving no forced entry signs in any of the apartments.

In a good development the Chief proudly told YWN that the LPD has made 37 arrests in the past 10 days in the Downtown Lakewood area. “The arrests are part of Quality Of Life Arrests program which has had a positive effect in reducing crime,” Lawson said. “much thanks must be given to the LPD Evening Watch Commander Lieutenant Michael Mooney who has overseen the recent program”.

The arrests included outstanding warrants, drinking in public, selling bootleg CD’s, disorderly person violations, littering, and many others.
The program is going to be continuing for an undisclosed amount of time.

The Chief also told YWN that the surveillance cameras on 2nd and Clifton and 4th Clifton are extremely helpful in preventing, and also solving crimes. As of this time, there is currently a grant in the works for more cameras – which can run as high as $10,000 per camera.

Chief Lawson reminds everyone of the following tips:

1: Make sure to have the outside of your home well-lit. Most burglars look for a darkened residence to enter since this tells them that everyone is asleep.

2: Lock all your windows. Most burglars make entry through unlocked windows.

3: Lock all the doors to your house as well as your cars door.

4: Do not leave valuables in plain sight wither in your vehicle or in your home.

5: Do not allow for newspapers or mail to accumulate.

Please keep an eye on your neighborhood and report any suspicious activity to the Police Department 732-363-0200 as soon as possible.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)


  1. the officer that caught the 15 and 16 year-old suspects was Eric Miick not Menck for your knowledge. Just wanted to put that out there.

  2. 1.# shivisi

    Good Point…However they can’t be everywhere. I hope those bums that tried the break in the cars get beat down in Jail.

  3. very impressed! btw you dont have to be on the civilian patrol to get guys arrested – i am not on the patrol and i got a guy arrested!