Lawrence: Shooting NEAR Brach’s Supermarket Parking-Lot

(Friday, July 6th, 2007 05:12 PM)

9mm.jpgA gunman walked up to a car in the parking lot of Brachs Supermarket in Lawrence, opened the door & opened fire; hitting the man behind the wheel and possibly grazing his female passenger.

According to investigators the victim was shot in the left lower side of his body, and he was bleeding heavily, according to one witness. He apparently lost control of his car and crashed into another vehicle parked in the lot.

Two young boys, around the ages of two and seven, were believed to be in the back seat of the car at the time of the shooting. They were not injured and were put in responding police patrol cars.

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After the shooting, the gunman ran to his car, parked in the nearby Brach’s Supermarket parking lot, and sped off, according to investigators.

The shot man was rushed to a nearby hospital in unknown condition.


(Source: ABC7)

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  1. nk says:

    was the shot man a custermer of brach’s ? does this have any anti-shemietic conection?

  2. Madame Marceau says:

    it was not at the brachs parking lot. it was on rockaway turnpike, a block away from brachs.

  3. reggie says:

    correction: the car was not parked in brachs parking lot. it was parked on rockaway turnpike which is near brachs and after the shooting the shooter ran to his own car which was in brachs parking lot.this comment may seem to have been posted on shabbos but i am in israel.

  4. what shaiches says:

    the incident did not happen in the Brach’s parking lot, it happened on rockaway turnpike which is near Brach’s! If you bring down a scource from abc7, atleast write where it really happened.

  5. abcd2 says:

    the shooting was NOT at brachs the gunmen left his car there the shooting was in the parking lot at a video store nearby. this can confirmed by as well as nypostetc….

  6. what shaiches says:

    THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN BRACH’S PARKING LOT, it happened around the corner on rockaway turnpike.
    The story itself makes no sense because it says that the guy shot someone in Brach’s parking lot and then the gunman ran to his car parked in the nearby Brach’s parking lot…, but didn’t it happen in their parking lot already?

  7. th says:

    are you sure it was in brachs??? b/c i was there on friday and there was a big accident on rockaway turnpike which is near brachs is it a jewish guy who was shot????

  8. mommaknows says:

    I researched this story and found out that the shooting happened on Rockaway Tpke., around the corner from Brach’s Supermarket. The car was parked in teh Serwood Diner’s parking lot. The gunman escaped into the Brach’s supermarket where his get away car was parked.

  9. ploini says:

    Also, BRach’s is not IN Lawrence

  10. Abi meleibt says:

    OK everybody…It happened @ Brachs which is ON the turnpike….they moved..happy now?..Sheesh..

  11. babaloo says:

    Excuse me abi meleibt. Don’t say it happened in Brach’s because it didn’t.

  12. Yerushalayima Yid says:

    who cares where exactly it was. were there any Jews involved???

  13. reggie says:

    if you ever made a post before you would know it doesnt post right away so everyone wrote theirs before they saw others.
    brachs is in lawrence
    yerushalayima yid
    the reason why we care is b/c if it was in brachs it was probably a jew while on rockaway tnpk it has no reason being on yeshiva world

  14. NonKollelman says:

    V’chain shnay opinions hamachishim zeh es zeh ad sheyovoi opinion hashlishi v’yachria

    WHo will be the third (and deciding) opinion on this matter?

    Step forward.

  15. th says:

    u are 100% right I totally agree with everything u said good going!!!

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