VIDEO: Monsey Residents Concerned Over Bear Sightings

(Monday, November 14th, 2011)


A black bear has been roaming the street of a Monsey neighborhood for weeks, and concerned residents say the police have done nothing to protect them from the animal.

The bear has been seen in the Wesley Hills area of Monsey for weeks now, roaming the streets in the daytime and rummaging through garbage cans, looking for food.

Malki Fisher, who lives in the area, says after a bear tried to break into her kitchen on Thursday, she contacted the Ramapo Police Department, and she says they didn’t do anything to help her. Other neighbors agree, complaining nothing is being done to protect anyone, especially children.

Ramapo police say they are aware of the situation, and are advising everyone to stay away from any bears if they see them and to notify the police.

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(Source: News12)


  1. akuperma says:

    The people who work on Wall Street have also been alarmed over Bear sightings.

  2. Bubby B says:

    What good is notifying police, if they’ve been notified and haven’t done anything? Perhaps there is some other agency that can be called upon; one dealing with animals???? If indeed there is none else to call upon then there have to be stronger demands (by groups, orgs, etc.) to the police. Ultimately, Hashem should protect all of us – ein lanu al mi l’hishoain, ela al Aveinu Shebashmayim.

  3. charvona says:

    Why worry? free shtreimal

  4. AinOhdMilvado says:

    A bear breaking into one’s home is nothing to joke about. I know many Jews in Monsey have some serious firearms. The rest should get them too – and of course learn how to own them and use them safely and effectively.
    The same applies to Jews everywhere. There are all kinds of ‘animals’ these days breaking into homes, most of them are the two-legged type.

  5. AvodasChesedOutofTwn says:

    This IS important- bears are dangerous, but SORRY- this time the complainers are WRONG! If someone takes away that bear, there will be another; in fact, how do you know there is only one now? Nature is nature. The problem is that the people are feeding the bears. FIX YOUR TRASH!! – whatever it takes. Now. You must bear proof ALL trash, private cans AND commercial dumpsters. NOW. The bears are being tempted by easy pickings, and the next generation of bears may not even learn any alternatives. This is serious & MUST be dealt with immediately. No food- no reason for them to come. But EVERYONE must participate. Also no bird feeders or outside dog food till they are long gone. Be careful with open kitchen windows. Many other communities have learned this the hard way. Why aren’t your state wild life people teaching teaching Monsey residents what HAS to be done??? PLEASE get help dealing with your trash before someone gets hurt. This IS serious. Complaining won’t help you- get active.

  6. FOFFY says:

    Lol- not everyone wears those!

  7. Raphael Kaufman says:

    Try caling the Rockland County Animal Control Office. What are the cops going to do with the bear, arrest it?

  8. bloggerman2 says:

    AvodasChesedOutofTwn and others

    Look at the video-most people have very strong cans and the bears just push them over. This has nothing to do with garbage and everything to do with time of the year and that the lazy police don’t want to do anything for frum jews.

  9. John Doe says:

    The Cops should come arrest it. Beer in a public place is against the law.

  10. amichai says:

    he’s huge!! they must do something quick to capture him! very dangerous!

  11. AvodasChesedOutofTwn says:

    Nope Sorry- You are wrong. People need to take responsibility for their trash. You need bear PROOF cans. If all the bear has to do is knock it over, the can is inappropriate. It needs a lock he can’t bite through, and/or a town ordinance all trash can ONLY be put out right before pick up (NOT night before) Police can’t control bears. It’s not their problem and they have enough other responsibilities. It is inconvenient, VERY inconvenient, but to not properly secure your trash is to feed and encourage the bears.
    If every week you leave a pushke of money on your porch, without locking the top, are you going be surprised when you develop parade of thieves coming daily to see what’s there? You going to expect the police to solve that problem?? Sorry. Not how it works.

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