Waterbury: Yeshiva Bochur Robbed & Assaulted With Baseball Bat


A Yeshiva Bochur has been hospitalized with a head injury, after being viciously assaulted & robbed on a Waterbury street.

Sources tell YWN that the incident happened around 11:30PM, Sunday night, at the intersection of Cooke Street and Pine Street, when three black males approached the 21-year-old Yeshiva Bochur and demanded his cell phone. They beat his head with a baseball bat, took his phone and fled on foot. The Waterbury Police Department and Waterbury Hatzolah were dispatched to the scene, but waited close to 15 minutes for an ambulance from AMR to be able to transport him to the hospital.

He was taken to St Marys Hospital, where he is in stable condition, and being treated for head trauma.

Police are investigating the incident, and no arrests have been made.

(Paloma Gefen – YWN)


  1. This a terrible incident that happened. I spent a shabbos in the Waterburry Yeshiva visiting friends. The yeshiva does amazing things for bocurim and the community however my largest shock (and I will not return or raise a family there) is the fear of danger from crime. The precious Jews that live there should always use caution.

  2. to “jewishflorida” your attitude is what doomed our brothers and sisters everywhere we were-running from challenges and dangers-rather than confronting them!! what do you think would have happened to crown heights if the rebbe zz’l had decided to run ? what would happen-today- in eretz ysroel – if we decided to run from danger? what do you think would happen in williamsburg if satmar decided to run away??
    let’s not be cowards- let’s help our brothers and sisters everywhere!and with G-d’s help, we’ll triumph!

  3. “fear of danger from crime”
    That is the sad reality wherever you live. It is not any worse in Waterbury. The people there do not live in fear. I have visited many times and was not afraid to walk around.