Toeiva Mayoral Candidate: NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn To Marry Longtime ‘Partner’

(Thursday, March 15th, 2012 05:43 PM)

New York Council Speaker Christine Quinn will marry her longtime female partner in May, CBS reports.

Quinn’s office confirmed that the speaker will marry Kim Catullo on May 19.

Quinn, 45, is considered a top contender for mayor in the 2013 election.

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No other details of the wedding were made available to the media, though her office said it would be a private ceremony.

(Source: WCBSTV)

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  1. Nicejew says:

    Tell it to all the “Jewish” community leaders who publicly and shamelessly give koved to this person when they can avoid it.

  2. ahavas_yisroel says:

    And who exactly needs to know this garbage? Maybe you need to know this so frum yidden should not vote for her.

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