Military Authorities Arrest Another AWOL Chareidi, This Time In Beit Shemesh


Authorities on the night of 22 Adar (Sunday to Monday) at about 1:00AM visited the home of an avreich, a resident of the Cheftziba neighborhood of Beit Shemesh who is listed as AWOL from the IDF.

Some of the locals gathered but the incident remained calm. The avreich was arrested.

In another incident, a bochur affiliated with Vishnitz Chassidus was arrested last week. He planned to travel abroad but to his surprise, due to technical reasons, he status as a bnei torah was canceled and he was then AWOL from military service.

Askanim in Vishnitz tried what they could to assist him, albeit without success. Kikar Shabbos reports that despite the situation, any and all protests on his behalf have been forbidden because it is not the Vishnitz way and because nothing is gained. The Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita has contacted MK Moshe Gafne, seeking his assistance in obtaining the talmid’s release. Gafne immediately began contacting the appropriate military officials including Chief of Personnel Branch. Askanim report the talmid was asked to submit a request for a pardon, which he did, and it is being processed. The talmid’s release is imminent.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Makes much more sense than making a Chillul hashem and his Torah hakdosha. It also shows that we can take care of things bedarchei Noam uvedarchei shalom.

  2. The army sends a few letters before sending the military police. Ignore the letters, you get a knock on the door.

    And getting a deferment is so very simple. Just get a letter from the yeshiva, go to the draft center and they will automatically give you a deferment.

    Well, perhaps not everyone who wear the (frum) dress acts the (erhlicht) manner….