WATCH: Israeli Police Beat ‘Peleg Protester’ Despite Him Being Restrained On The Ground

(Monday, March 20th, 2017 02:45 PM)

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  1. opinionsmatter says:

    Can’t say they don’t deserve it!!

  2. Arye says:

    The law of the JEWISH land cannot go against the law of the Torah. PERIOD! It’s a gezeirus shmad and we ought to make a kiddush Hashem. Kol Hakavod to the chashuve men who are being moser nefesh for Hashem’s sake.

  3. takahmamash says:

    I guess if he was in the B”M learning instead of running around on the streets it wouldn’t have happened.

  4. MTAB says:

    Terrible. Jews punching Jews. And opinionsmatter you are a first class fool.

  5. yossie4731 says:

    ive been to israel many many times
    how is it that the police never beat me
    you play with fire you get burned

  6. opinionsmatter says:

    Can you please explain in what way these ppl are making a kiddush Hashem!! All that I can see is a huge chillul Hashem!! What is productive about what they are doing? Has any of these protests changed anything?? All they do is inconvenience a lot off people!

  7. IUseBrains says:

    takahmamash, if hashem wants u to stop learning, then u stop

  8. smartaleck says:

    Aryeh, since anyone can get a deferral, it’s no shmad and no gezeirah. These demonstrators are hurting many Yidden for nothing, and making a terrible chilul Hashem. The police should break an arm of every single one of these spoiled brats. Shmad, ha!

  9. chareidi amiti says:

    The police are following what the Torah instructs.It is a mefarish Rashi in Chumash!
    Devarim 16:18-
    ושוטרים-שמכין במקל וברצועה עד שיקבל עליו את דין השופט.
    Not only is arye a fool,he is a bigger am haAretz!

  10. chareidi amiti says:

    The chashuva men here are the LEOs who are protecting us from arrogent lawless men who have highjacked the Torah that I hold dear and wish to impose their warped view on the rest of us.

  11. Ash says:

    Anyone trying to excuse this police thuggery must have a shemetz psul in his yichud.

    There is no excuse, and no justification for this.

  12. lakewoodbubby says:

    If the protester had been an Arab terrorist, those police would have been arrested.

  13. Softwords says:

    Although it is hard being a police officer and restraining oneself when in a tense situation. Non-the-less, it’s part of the job and if you can’t do your job properly you should leave the force.

    I’m against this type of protesting, but non-the-less, once a protester is restrained there is no excuse to continue using force against him. Doing so is illegal. The question here is whether actions will be taken against this officer or if they will be two faced and look the other way?

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