Accolades Pour In As Jerusalem Estates Enters New Era Of Design And Construction


Construction crews completing the ceiling for the underground parking garage and tunnel access to main thoroughfares


By Yosi Green

There is a widespread sense of professional satisfaction and a special aura of momentum and progress as the prestigious Jerusalem Estates project at the Schneller Compound in Yerushalayim continues to rise. The city’s most luxurious housing development, which began construction only a year ago, is proceeding with unprecedented speed. In the past few months, 60 apartments have been sold, as work in the area progresses at an unmatched high standard, both in terms of planning and timely execution. This level of professionalism has never been seen in any other local real estate project.

The project reached an impressive milestone recently with the completion of the underground parking and tunnel leading to main thoroughfares. One of the admirers of the progress at the site was none other than Yehuda Feigin, the world-class architect, who designed Jerusalem Estates. Despite his signature projects including the Jerusalem Waldorf-Astoria, Mr. Feigin took great pride in the genius of his design which blends in the historic buildings in the Schneller Compound with the most sophisticated modern design facilitating a level of construction that supersedes even his most illustrious properties in Israel and around the world.

Yehuda Feigin (left) and his son visiting the site of Jerusalem Estates

At the conclusion of his visit, Mr. Feigin noted: “People who buy apartments are usually not aware of the significant differences in the quality of the apartment design. Proper planning of the apartment affects these residences many years hence and can make a world of a difference living in quarters that are comfortable and relaxing. Jerusalem Estates has invested considerable time and effort in planning in accordance with the highest standards, both professionally and architecturally. This is manifested not only in the special facilities and in the luxury living never before experienced in the Charedi community in Jerusalem, but also in everything surrounding the construction itself. This includes the environmental development, including the inner garden promenade that will welcome those entering the private estate in the heart of Schneller in the center of Yerushalayim.

Yehuda Feigin also says that “the planning was meticulous and calculated, as is fitting for such a rare well-preserved piece of real estate, beginning with the magnificent lobbies at the entrances to the buildings, leading to private paths that feed into the spectacular interior promenade.” Feigin also emphasizes that “most residential apartments face the historic Schneller compound or have a spectacular vantage point above the houses of the city, making for a breathtaking view of Yerushalayim.” Through the windows and balconies are brilliant rays of light, and clear mountain air. ” After his visit to the area, Feigin noted that “the level of execution is simply amazing, even though its construction is in the early stages.” He added: “it is already possible to see now that the planning was done with a high level of accuracy.” Feigin further added that “the developers are not cutting corners anywhere so that the project indeed fulfills the vision of the high-quality real estate project.”

The “Zur Wolf” office, known for their 60 years of planning national parks and luxury towers, is also involved in the project. They say that they created a unique concept that combines an old and new world: “In the gardens of the estate there will be an amazing combination of Jerusalem stone, unique vegetation, a shady 2-acre garden full of charm and tranquility that connects to the entire historic Schneller Compound. ”

Zur Wolf added: “The exceptional high level of construction, which will be accompanied by unique vegetation, historical stone items, ecological water pools, clean air and tranquility in the private estate, will make Jerusalem Estates a perfect project. As far as it seems so far, they certainly intend to follow this vision.” For more information about Jerusalem Estates, please contact : Sales Office, 16 King David St. Jerusalem 94101, Tel. 972-2- 502-5502 | USA 718-564- 6656 . Fax. 972-2- 532-3532,



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