Baal Tzedaka Drops 6 Million NIS to Assist Avreichim


Philanthropist Shimon Glick has come through once again, enabling many avreichim to breathe a sigh of relief this erev Shabbos.

This story begins three years ago with the collapse of Mosdos Mesila B’Arava in southern Israel. The organization included schools, kindergartens, talmidei torah and kollelim. After the debts became too much, the directors fled the country, leaving debts amounting to millions of shekels. Among the gemachim hit by this were the well known gemachim run by Rav Mordechai Yafeh and Rav Hillel Kuperman.

Many avreichim who signed as guarantors were called upon to make good on the outstanding debts and gemachim called avreichim to a din torah. In some of the cases, avreichim told dayanim that the mosdos used their signatures for years without their knowledge.

This week, many avreichim received a most welcome surprise Chadrei Chareidim reports, when Rav Shimon Glick heard of their situation and decided to do something to extricate the dozens of families of bnei yeshiva from a most difficult plight. R’ Glick decided to undertake the entire debt, asking for the papers and information a number of weeks ago, and this week, he paid 6 million NIS, to wipe out the debt.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. While Mr. Glick is to be commended, this story is yet another sad reality of the Yeshiva velt. These institutions live off of a fantasy. They constantly borrow against…. Well against nothing because they have nothing and these families dig themselves in impossible holes from the minute they get married. Then they come to America asking for money. Most American Jews work and work hard and barely get by, these folks come with help to repay gemachim and other debt, and they won’t leave the Bais Medrash to work. The ironic thing is, they barely learn because they’re busy collecting 3/4 of the year. I just don’t get it………

  2. Thank you Mr. Glick, and it would be helpful to establish more mosdos of parnessa & options for men/women to work in a torahdig atmosphere.

  3. #1 you are 100% right. This too is a product of the Kolell system that everyone is raving about. This is not part of our Mesora that every chaim yankel who knows how to lain a blat gemoro is to be learning for the rest of his life without lifting his finger for Parnoso.
    This demonstrates how correct Chazal were when the said that “any Torah that is not accompanied with melocho will become bteila and cause Ovon (sin)”.(Pirkei Avos)