STING OPERATION: 3 Arrested For Assaulting ‘Chareidi Soldier’ In Meah Shearim [VIDEO]


Three people were arrested in Meah Shearim on Thursday for assaulting what they thought was a Chareidi soldier. But what they didn’t know, was that the soldier was an undercover police officer dressed as a Chareidi Soldier.

On Thursday afternoon, a number of soldiers with beards and tzitzis were seen walking around the Meah Shearim streets. One of them was surrounded and chased by a group of children yelling “Chardak” and Nazi”. A number of adults joined them.

As soon as the soldier was attacked, undercover cops swarmed in and made three arrests.

Two are adults, and one is a 10-year-old child – who threw a “fidget spinner” at the soldier.

(Dov Gefen – YWN)


  1. I find these sting operations upsetting–do they do the same thing in Arab areas?The answer is no—they’re only interested in arresting and roughing up non-Zionist Jews.Arabs are attacking Jews with rocks and trying to lunch them but the police are no where to be seen.
    What will be the next sting—have a bikini -clad policewoman walk down Charedi streets?

  2. Its about time they started these busts every Yid should be allowed to walk the street any place in the world especially in Erez Yisroel. Imagine this was France or in here in America that a Jew couldn’t walk the streets the whole Jewish world would be in uproar. I think they should do this everyday 5 times a day till this bored kids learn that it will not be tolerated.

  3. Not justifying the beheimos at all. They have no hakaras Hatov for the soldiers who protect, and could use a lesson in Ahavas Yisroel and some other things as well.

    However, if you watch the video, the undercover fellow turned around several dozen times, including going back a whole bunch of times, as though he is challenging and/or daring the crowd. Then a kid threw something. And then a whole crew of young aggressive undercover people swarmed to attack the kid. The crowd then intervened to protect the kid from what appeared to be a public assault on a defenseless kid. So they arrested a couple of people protecting the kid, not for attacking the soldier.

  4. @docelisheva;

    Of course they do this to the Arabs, there is a special unit called mistaarvim that does just that.
    I personally believe in arresting and locking up anyone that hurls abuse at any soldier but lets be dead honest here, The men they arrested were not involved at all in any way and merely were standing near the child when the police arrested him as you can see in the second clip…(rightfully so – as he had thrown something at the soldier) They may have shouted at the police for arresting the child but they were not in anyway involved in the soldier. Lets call a spade a spade.

  5. These soldiers, as much as i admire them & their work, but this time they were looking for action, Yes they’re allowed to walk wherever they like, but c’mon

    Moderators Note: They aren’t soldiers. Read the article.

  6. Absolutely horrific. Israeli Erev Rav Animals dresssed in Military.

    Did you see how a child, the boy, who threw what looked like an empty plastic bag at the Undercover officer was immediately attacked? A child. A yingle.

    Then any charedi man standing looking on, close by was aggressed as well, for shouting at them to leave the boy.

    Disgusting. pigs

  7. To docelisheva – You are a fool. An ignorant uneducated fool.

    Yes. The Israelis do this by the Arabs all the time to arrest those who engage in rock throwing.

    Every single day Jews are attacked in Meah Shearim. It’s every day. Just follow YWN and vomit from it.

    SInch people like you just blabber and have no solution to end this utter madness, this is a wonderful idea. Let them scare the living daylights out of the animals into thinking that every soldier is really an undercover police officer. Then maybe – maybe – it will stop.

  8. always runs with scissors fast – You never called the people attacking frum soldiers “disgusting pigs”. That’s because you condone that behavior. YOU are the pig here.

  9. I am sick to my stomach. Yes, its terrible that Jews should be hurtling verbal abuse at other Jews and it should be stopped. But look at the video- the undercover cops attacked a innocent, precious yingle and then turned to attack completely innocent bystanders that swooped in to protect the boy! I am honestly traumatized- had I been there at the same time, I probably would have rushed to protect the boy and probably would have been viciously arrested, too! Watch the video until the end- what on earth is going on here???? I rarely ever post any comments, but this just went too far. We need Mashiach NOW.

  10. Chollila, Avrohom Avinu must be pained in his kever! He gave much more kavod and ahava to the goyim than these kids give another Jew. Look at the brainwashing of hatred with yiddishe kinder! Frumkeit is booming, yiddishkeit not so much.

  11. Yid 1234 – Moshiach won’t be coming anytime soon. Not as long as these thugs train their young impressionable children to become thugs at age 10. What kind of violent animals teach their children to chase people who don’t look like them and throw things at them. Appalling. Forget Moshiach for a while. This is horrific. Bunch of kapos. The police are smart. Keep doing this every single day. Until every single one of these bihaimos are taught a lesson.

    Which gadol behaves this way? Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach behaved this way? Rav Shach behaved this way? The Brisker Rov behaved this way? Rav Moshe behaved this way? The Lubavicter Rebbe behaved this way? The SATMAR ROV behaved this way?

    ANIMALS what they are. Lock them up NOW. Stop with the Moshiach call. ….Just surprised we haven’t heard the usual “lashon hara” call.

  12. It pains me to utter such words, but I never thought I could get han’ah from watching frum people being arrested.
    Every single claim you have against the Israeli government is null and void the second someone has the chutzpah to call a Jewish soldier or police officer (I don’t care if he is the most anti-frum cop on the face of the earth!!) a nazi!!!
    I think a g’vir should fund an advertising campaign throughout these neighborhoods, plaster the walls with some of the most gruesome pictures from the holocaust. With the words, “THIS IS A NAZI, AND THIS IS WHAT NAZIS DO”

  13. I am the last guy to condone the behavior of these kids, but to attack a child that threw a platic bag and is running away – clearly not a threat to anyone. this is worse that Edrogan’s bodyguards yesterday!

  14. #1, do you think all the Arab Prisoners volentarily showed up to Israeli Prisons to serve time ? Israel Law Enforcement show up in their areas on a nightly basis. Plus its ubderstnadable that Arabs hate Israel, but when the hate comes from within it should not be tolerated.

  15. Lock em up and throw away the key. And while they’re at it lock up their parents too if this is the chinuch they give them.

  16. i have nothing against these children its not their fault
    the chinuch they got from their parents and rebeim caused this

    remember the gemara

    the fathers are the ones that ring your bell nightly in flatbush with 15 kids to marry off
    not sure of the purpose to bring these children into the world so 75 years after aushwitz they should scream nazi at a yid who is wearing tzitzis who happens to be a soldier

  17. You have got to be kidding. I can’t believe any of the anti-yerushalmi commenters actually watched the video, otherwise they would know what fools they sound like. I don’t condone the screaming, but this guy was LITERALLY asking for it. And if this is your case against the yerushalmim, then you have the worst prosecution I have ever seen. If anything, it leans heavily in their favor. It took over SIX minutes of little KIDS and not one adult (in fact, the adults were trying to stop them-or videoing) until a kid threw… A PLASTIC SHOPPING BAG! How TERRIBLE!! And the the police pounced on a TEN YEAR OLD like animals. Kinds of make you question the whole narrative.

  18. I’m with you ab3jacob , it’s too much police violence for very little provocation.They don’t do similar stings in Arab neighborhoods because the person dressed as a Jew could be killed.

  19. midwesterner
    I watched the video and while the under cover cop dressed as a soldier did indeed stop a few times and look around (or even “at”) the screamers, there is nothing showing that he “went back”.

    “asking for it” How? By being clearly visible?

  20. @Georgeg, 1)it was a sting operation, by definition he was asking for it. 2)he kept turning around and waiting for them to catch up, he could have just kept walking and ignored them.

  21. ab3jacob

    > it was a sting operation, by definition he was asking for it
    I saw a TV police drama where the police set up a pawn shop front to catch thieves who pawn stolen articles. Your reasoning would lead one to conclude that being a sting operation, by definition police are asking people to steal so as to pawn the loot in the police pawn shop.

    > he kept turning around and waiting for them to catch up
    Why should he, or anyone, be required to hurry through any neighbourhood. He is playing the part of a resident who may very well live there (or originally come form there) and has every right to enjoy being casual. He also has the right to identify those blasting him and to face them and show no fear.

  22. These undercover cops are worse than animals. Look how he’s attacking the kid, and what does he do when that eidel yungerman comes to help out the child? He attacks him viciously. They came looking for action and they found in some bored kids without adult supervision. But the soldiers, I wouldn’t even call them animals, that would be a compliment.

  23. Here are the facts,
    1) At 4:36 of the video the kid throws what looks like a hard object at the soldier (note the soldiers reaction – he obviously feels something hit him.
    2) At 5:53 of the video the presumed police cameraman approaches the kid to properly record his face (note his guilty and defiant face) and only after the kid shows a willingness to keep escalating the situation by throwing another object at the soldier do they elect to arrest the kid.

  24. Frightening that they would treat a child this way. Now you see why the Charedim want no part of the military. Turns people into violent thugs.

  25. Yussie4731, I’m not condoning anything and I’m not commenting – everyone else did!
    But your sinaas Yisroel is unparalleled! Every Yid is guilty, in your book, by association! How dare you put every single Yid into the same pot? How could you do that? What about the יראים ושלמים who have no part of such horrific activity?? I surprised at you! Please retract your comment! It’s exactly what the goyim say about every single Yid if even only a small minority err.
    Your sinaas Yisroel parallels or surpasses these sadly misguided children and their families. But don’t paint all Yidden with one paint brush. You don’t want the Ribono Shel Olam doing it to you!