WATCH: So What Is With My Tuition Bill?



  1. Tuition bills will NEVER go down. Despite the fact that the yeshiva education is critical to all, The system has essentially eliminated the role of yeshivos as purveyors of a public service. The approach has evolved into a competitive spirit, where every yeshiva looks to be the elite, catering to the metzuyan student, and striving to boast itself as the greatest yeshiva. The struggling student, whether academically or financially, is a candidate for being rejected, left to the forces of the street. No yeshiva today seeks to serve the student who is “less than”, and the child is returned home to the parents who are then stuck trying to place a rejected child somewhere.

    I have heard countless menahalim claim that they never denied admission to a child from a family that struggles with finances. That statement is completely untrue. How can a yeshiva afford to provide services without compensation? Valid question. But what about the talmid whose parents just do not have? What about the talmid whose parents are divorced, with a dead beat dad? How about the orphan whose surviving parent has the tasks of both parents with less than a single income? Does the yeshiva use its donors to sponsor that child, or to glorify the faculty and the buildings?

    Yeshiva tuition is a serious issue, and one that threatens the Klal, both the yeshivos who are in desperate need of funds, and the parents whose incomes are stretched beyond limits. So far, the Agudah has done wonderful and critical work to address the “add-ons” like security, mandated services, etc. But no one has addressed the problem of providing Torah education to families that struggle with money issues.

    הזהרו בבני עניים שמהם תצא תורה. Is this just a nice thought, or does it have practical application?

  2. The question about tuition by Agudah was a silly question!
    These “add-ons” doesn’t help to pay the Debbie’s, teachers, maintenance etc.

    This is a joke! The $75 per child is also not 100% as in many instances the security devices cannot be bought only from certain vendor chosen by the state. Which means that a security camera or other security device which normally cost $200 will cost $450. In essence the $75 per child may end up (by a fair market) really $45 per child.

    There is no logical reason why students from private schools should not be entitled to free tuition, just like public schools. Taxes are paid by these parents (probably more so than public school parents)

  3. I am sure many yeshivas try very hard to be able to bring in even families that are financially struggling. Because Yeshivas are not meant to be Preppy Rich schools (other private schools) but Moreshes Kehilas Yakov – Property inherited Rightfully by the Whole COmmunity of Jacob. Howver I DO NOW there are Brooklyn schools that charge $500 per child for lunch when the Board of Ed can supply it to struggling families for FREE. I also know there are seemingly Many trips in School per child these days coming to an average figure say of $250 per child. (I didnt know going to 6 Flags and havig a ctered meal there is part of yeshiva curriculum) Are there OTHER EXTRAS tat are Not Needed to be charged that can HELP Parents thats are struggling to be able to pay tuition????I dont understand. Should parents struggle to pay for trips to 6 flags and catered lunches when they can be free????For this some should go into debt??