Beit Shemesh Residents Want Arab Supermarket Workers Out


Pashkavilim were displayed earlier in the week in Beit Shemesh’s Ramah Aleph neighborhood against the local branch of Yesh, a supermarket chain, opposing the employment of Arabs in the store.

The pashkavilim address “the danger to the community due to the employment of the illegal PA (Palestinian Authority) workers in Yesh”. The notice goes on to explain that when one shops at Yesh, one supports the Arab workers that endanger the lives and homes of residents.

According to Chadrei Chareidim, the pashkavilim were posted after community residents learned some of the Arab workers tried renting in the community. When they were unsuccessful, they tried to have a resident rent on their behalf.

The report adds that one resident seeking to rent a home was phoned by one of the store’s Arab workers and even though the response was “no” the worker persisted, continuing efforts to rent the available space. The report quotes an organizer of the campaign anonymously, adding “To date we did not consider a boycott but this may follow. We have stated clearly this represents a red line”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. There are unemployed falasha jews that are available and ready willing and able to work. Keep the enemy on the other side of the fence

  2. Be strong and resist employment of Arabs.
    They will move into the neighborhood, befriend girls and the problems will worsen. BESIDES the security risk, let them work in stores in Tulkarem, Shechem and Kalkilya.

  3. If mgt. won’t fire them, THROW them out.
    Just what kind of Jews supports our enemy,
    are they trying to be like our LEFT wing government ?