WATCH: Silent Dance At Karlin-Stolin Camp In Israel; Dancing With Wireless Headphones



  1. Now there is a clever idea.
    Can I imagine doing this by a wedding, it will solve many problems and complaints.

    Music to loud / to low
    Ladies like different songs
    Older people would rather dance to a slow waltz
    You can have many dance circles for all types….

  2. to Y2R:
    Yes let us hope that this is the wave of future weddings so we who hate loud music do not have to be punished and get headaches for attending a friend’s simcha!

  3. Alternatively, someone might hack into the sound system and play audio tapes of shiiurim the bochurim might have missed during the regular z’man…..they could be “doing the Shteig”…rather than whatever new dance step is depicted in the video…

  4. Huhhh????

    your just jealous since you cannot do the “funky chulent’, the “the halachic slide” or the “Stolin Slide”….perhaps change your posting name to “Two Left Feet”….

    P.S. .my “pro-Chareidi” outlook has been honed over several decades of observing ehrliche yidden such as yourself taking yourselves so seriously…lighten will help you both in life and on the dance floor at your next simcha

  5. @Huhhh
    I agree, gadolhadorah is an anti-chareidi commenter on every story. I sometimes suspect it might be someone at YWN which is quite anti-chareidi as those of us who can “read between the lines” can tell.