VIDEO: Chareidi Motorist In Jerusalem Attacked By Arab Stone-Throwers On Motzei Shabbos



Arabs in Jerusalem on motzei Shabbos attacked the vehicle driven by chareidi singer Avi Miller as he drove in Abu Tor, leaving the area where he spent Shabbos at the Seven Arches Hotel. Miller fired his weapon in the air and B’chasdei Hashem, there were no injuries but his vehicle did sustain damage.

Keyboardist Asher Gabbai, who left the hotel with Miller, said: “Earlier, the guests were on buses with police escort, and Miller and I stopped to fold the equipment. On our return, we got stuck in a traffic jam in Abu Tor, people around him recognized that he was a Jewish and started throwing stones. I ran to call police”.

Someone videoed the event, which clearly shows there were some in the area assisting Miller while shouting at home “eave the area while we protect you”, but he insisted on remaining outside the vehicle while holding his gun. The person continues to insist that he has him covered and he should leave, but Miller explains he cannot leave and remains outside facing off with the stone-throwers.

Police arrived and arrests were made and Miller continued on his way.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)