VIDEO: Truly Worrisome: Children Pickpocketing in Bnei Brak



This closed-circuit security camera tells a worrisome tale as we see a children’s shoe store in Bnei Brak is targeted by pickpockets who feel free helping themselves to the contents of persons clothing and carriages.

A was in the store earlier in the week and was having her children’s shoes measured when two children, about ten, headed inside and picked the pockets of her garments as well as taking a wallet from a carriage.

They enter and one heads over to the carriage to inspect the goods. When the coast is clear they move swiftly and exit, without the victim detecting a thing. When the owner of the wallet wanted to pay, she first realized her wallet was gone with her credit cards, smart card for the bus and other valuables.

The store checked the camera and learned of the pediatric pickpockets, reporting this to police immediately. Police explained that by their actions, it was clear this was not their first time at the pickpocketing.

The woman called the credit card company and learned the young thieves had already made a charge to her card, buying from automated machines, perhaps fearing a store owner would realize they are too young. Therefore, they settled for sweets and other items from a vending machine. In total, the two spent 100-150 shekels.

The store owner told Chadrei Chareidim, all said and done, it is quite sad this took place at all, especially now, in Elul, right before Rosh Hashanah and Slichos.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)