Monsey 7-Eleven Becomes First In U.S. To Offer Kosher Hot Dogs


As reported earlier this week, 7-Eleven in Monsey is the first in the nation to go kosher. The 7-Eleven on College Road in Monsey became the first in the nation to offer kosher hot dogs last week. Owner Anthony Mendicino says the move was a no-brainer since 70 percent of his clientele keeps kosher.

Mendicino says offering the kosher meals meant they had to overhaul the store. They bought a new grill and is under the Hashgacha of of Rabbi Zushe Blech.

Then, celebrated kosher chef Sam Indig came aboard, creating a kosher menu of hot dogs featuring 18 different toppings.

Mendicino says the store has sold 1,500 kosher hot dogs in the past week.



  1. Great. The oilem can now stuff their noses with some of the most unhealthy food available.

    At least the doctors will make some gelt.

  2. #3, Stop being such a left-wing liberal fanatic. I bet you support liberalizing our smoking laws to liberally allow anyone, anywhere, any age, to smoke – despite its deadly health effects. You probably also support liberalizing the drug laws to allow anyone to have drugs. Why should you take away the rights of druggies, huh?

  3. Is Monsey 711 open on shabbos? If yes who watches the meat or do they just lock the meat for shabbos? What about the keilim? The story lacks details.