PHOTOS: Councilman Deutsch Has National Grid Turn On Gas To Flatbush Hatzolah Garage Ahead Of Freezing Temps


Thanks to Councilman Chaim Deutsch, the Flatbush Hatzolah garage had proper heat in the frigid temperatures.

Around two months ago, an ambulance returning from an emergency call was backing into the garage located on Ocean Avenue when it accidentally struck a gas-powered heater inside the garage. There was no serious damage caused, but there was a minor gas leak. The FDNY responded and shut the gas main off to the entire building.

For the past few weeks Flatbush Hatzolah has been trying to have the gas turned back on to the building. Unfortunately, due to the red tape and the long waiting list in such incidents, it dragged on – being passed around from one agency to the next.

There are emergency generators in the building that are gas powered, and without gas in the building, should there be a power outage, it would be a terrible situation.

Additionally, the winter was slowly creeping up, and without gas there would be no heat. The garage must be heated at all times as there are many drugs, IV bags and other life-saving equipment that must be kept warm. Additionally, the ambulances must be kept warm so they start quickly.

With the frigid cold bearing down that was predicted to hit the NYC area this Shabbos, Flatbush Hatzolah reached out to Councilman Chaim Deutsch on Thursday afternoon. He along with his office immediately reached out to National Grid and explained to them the urgency of having the gas turned back on. Making this even more difficult was that Friday was Veterans Day. Thankfully, Deutsch was able to have an emergency crew at the garage on Friday – and the gas was Boruch Hashem turned back on.

Not taking any chances, Chaim Deutsch himself was at the garage when National Grid was there to ensure that the gas would be turned on before the first winter blast arriving today.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Yes it’s beautiful what he did. But what about the regular Joe who has to deal with the red tape on his own? How many families can’t move into homes for months waiting for gas to be turned on? People will be afraid to report gas leaks because of the fear of having their gas turned off. This ridiculousness needs to end.
    And then we wonder why people need to bribe insiders to get gas turned on.

  2. Ok Reb Chaim – todah

    Now we are waiting for some action at the Bedford/Ave L park, let’s unlock the gates so children have a place to play on Shabbos & Sunday. We have been waiting almost a year – move on it!!!!