Will Satmar Cover The Peleg & Pay The 650,000 Shekel Judgement To Chareidi IDF Officer?


The Ramle Magistrate Court ruled to award 650,000 shekels in compensatory payment to a chareidi IDF officer, Yehuda Glickman, who serves today as a captain in the reserves. In the past he was the deputy head of the Bnei Yeshivos Unit and he was targeted in the ‘Chardak’ campaign run by the Peleg branch and the Eida Chareidis.

Journalist Akiva Weiss reported on Reshet Bet News on Monday morning 24 Cheshvan that askanim affiliated with Satmar who live in the USA and London will be paying the court issued fine in place of three Peleg members ordered by the court to pay.

The court ordered Yonah Martzbach and Shlomo Fein to pay 200,000 shekels each and Yechiel Blau to pay the additional 100,000 shekels. They are also responsible to pay court and legal fees amounting to another 95,000 shekels while Glickman must pay 15,625 in legal fees.

In its ruling, the court made mention of the Peleg pamphlet that was distributed to encourage chareidim to refuse to serve in the IDF. “After the publication of the book ‘Hunters’, a wave resulted, which was expressed in accompanying publications, harassment and telephone harassment, which caused the plaintiff great suffering.

“It is not for nothing that our predecessors have said that loshon hora kills and viewed severely those who used it against its friend,” wrote the judge. At this stage, the judge quoted in his ruling a number of citations from Jewish sources denouncing loshon hara.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If you hold the zionist government and courts are usurpers with no legitimacy, why should you pay them anything. If you hold, as hareidim hold, that the zionist state is no more than an well armed bunch of thugs, there is certainly no legal duty to pay them any more than there was a duty to pay the massive fines the Nazis imposed on Jewish communities.

  2. Peleg will probably get much more than the 650,000 sheks to pay off their fine. Sadly, extremists seems to love to support other extremists more than moderates support other moderates.

    Sad commentary on the religious affairs in our own community….

  3. It should be noted that in most western countries, since they have constitutions protecting freedom of expression, they would owe nothing. It would be better for those opposed to the medinah to refuse to the pay the government which is in effect levying a tax on being a dissident.

  4. It’s so nice to see the Achuds in Klall Yisroel at difficult times when one is wrongly accused for speaking their mind in a democratic country and fined for using their privilege of “free speech” in the amount of Hundreds of Thousands etc. there are Yidden on the other side of the globe with a HEART who feel their pain and will come up with the full payment!!! this kind of brotherly love will bring Moshiach much faster to Am Yisroel.

    Thank You Satmar for covering the Peleg’s 650,000 Shekel-NIS Judgement to pay the Chareidi IDF Officer for his free lunch!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    Satmar was always known for it’s Chessed.

  5. akuperma- and if you hold the Zionist/idf are actually Nazis then im sure they will pay them just like Jews did pay during the Holocaust. Why should now be any different? Whats with the defiant backbone all of a sudden?

  6. In Western democracies, a person yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater is considered illegal; the violator will be fined. Similarly, freedom of speech does not grant a perpetrator to physically or emotionally harass others.

    It’s about time that the courts have delineated the limits of free speech by fining the defendants.

  7. No freedom of expression in Israel. Getting fined for expressing a dissident view. I wonder if the same justice would be applied if the story was reversed.
    Also, I know this isn’t really relevant, but there has been a complete media blackout on the story of a frum girl who was arrested at the Lishkat Hagiyus in yerushalayim yesterday. Yes, a frum girl.
    You might be wondering, what was she doing at the Lishkat Hagiyus? Girls never had to go to the Lishkat Hagiyus to register; another thing the frum media has conveniently omitted. The IDF as recently as just mere months ago began ordering that girls get their deferrals in person at the Lishkat Hagiyus. The frum communities’ silence is deafening.
    Yesterday a girl was arrested for some complication with her deferral. People on the street watched in disbelief. Giyus Banos is an issue that was settled 50 years ago!
    YWN, don’t ignore these stories!
    NOTE TO MODERATOR: If you decide not to put this up, you are just proving my point…

  8. If it were a case of some knitted kippa guys needing someone to cover the cost of some fine or legal expenses, all the dissenting voices here would be united in extolling the kiddush Hashem of those willing to cover those expenses. Chessed, and rachamim, and “nosei be’ol im chaveiro,” etc. Interesting how the much vaunted “ahavas Yisroel” seems to be reserved for only certain segments of society.