VIDEO: Attorney Ben-Givir Suing Paz After Being Called ‘Nazi’ By An Employee



Nazi- Fuehrer and the salute: Attorney Itamar Ben-Givir demands 200,000 NIS compensation from Paz, concessionaire of the Paz gas station and the employee of the company for verbal abuse he received from the company’s employee, as he explains a company is responsible for the actions of its employees.

Attorney Ben-Givir filed a claim for 200,000 NIS against Paz, the franchisee of the Paz gas station and the company employee for breach of the Defamation Law and violating the Prohibition of Discrimination in Products, Services and Entry to Entertainment and Public Places Law.

The story began about three months ago, when Ben-Givir entered the gas station at the “Yarid HaKetana” in Tel Aviv in the evening. After fueling his vehicle, he entered the convenience store to buy a can of soda. To his astonishment, the shop worker shouted at him: “Nazi”, “Fuehrer” and even saluted.

Ben-Givir immediately took out a camera, but the worker not only did not flinch but repeated what he said. Ben-Givir asked the worker whether he was not ashamed to call him a neo-Nazi, and the worker replied that he was not ashamed and answered Ben-Givir that he “greets the Fuehrer.”

Ben-Givir in the video exclaims “Aren’t you ashamed. Do you have any idea who the Nazis were and what they did” but he responded with a grin.

In addition, immediately after that the worker turned to an English-speaking lady and translated his words into English for her and told her: “The Fuhrer is here.” When Ben-Givir left the place in shame, the worker turned to him again and saluted him with a salute.

Ben-Givir turned to Paz, which said in response that the responsibility for the incident rests with the franchisee rather than with it, and added that an inquiry had been carried out.

As stated, Attorney Itamar Ben-Givir filed a claim in the amount of 200,000 NIS against the Paz Company, the concessionaire of the Paz gas station and the employee of the Company for defamation and discrimination.

Ben-Givir added, “if this would have happened to [Meretz party leader MK Zahava] Gal-On, the entire nation would be outraged and quick to apologize and compensate here”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)