Israel: Egg Strike Ends with a 5.5 Agorot Per Egg Increase


It was no secret that the egg strike which halted nationwide delivery throughout Israel would not take too long to settle as it was only a matter of approving an increase that we all knew was going to occur. As the food industry continues to increase prices in Israel in a big part due to the increased cost of grains in the United States, it was certain the cost of eggs would follow suit.

The increase amounts to 5.5 agorot per egg for the end consumer. 4.5 agorot will go to egg farmers and 1 agora to distributors. A dozen of extra large eggs will retail for 13.90 NIS, the equivalent of $3.58 a dozen.

In actuality, perhaps under the shadow of the US elections and upcoming Israeli elections, food prices in Eretz Yisrael are moving up in major supermarkets including ShuferSal. This includes cottage cheese, which became the symbol of the social-economic protests and tent cities around the country, and it now appears after the smoke cleared from Israel’s version of Occupy Wall Street, the prices are moving up as they always do. There is much talk among candidates regarding the middle class and the growing number of families not making a living, but good intensions and planned actions are doing nothing to maintain steady pricing in the marketplace.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)