Germany: Bris Milah Under Attack Again


Left-wing lawmakers in Germany are threatening to oppose government efforts to keep male infant circumcision legal.

More than 50 lawmakers from three parties are proposing that parents should have to wait until their son is 14 so he can give informed consent for the procedure.

The proposal obtained by The Associated Press on Monday would radically amend a government bill that would give parents the power to decide.

The bill was prompted by a regional court ruling that circumcision could amount to criminal bodily harm. The government has enough votes to pass the bill and defeat amendments.

The June court ruling prompted outrage in Germany’s Jewish and Muslim communities. Jews circumcise boys on the 8th day after birth and Muslims usually perform the procedure early in a boy’s life.



  1. Left-wing?

    Remember when being anti-semitic in Germany was a function of being “right-wing”? Of course, the same “flip” is happening in the US as well.

  2. As has been said by so many people , it’s so ironic that Germany – the country that spilled the blood of tens of millions of innocent people – is now worried about the blood of Milah.
    If it weren’t so serious =- it would be funny.