Hamas Targets Jerusalem – Rockets Lands North Of The Capital [UPDATED]


Air raid sirens sounded in Jerusalem on Friday and Israeli Army Radio said the alert was intended for Israeli towns near the holy city.

The siren lasted for less than a minute. The radio said its reporter in Jerusalem heard an explosion. No blast was heard in the Reuters bureau in the south of the city.

In Gaza, Hamas’s military wing said it had fired a long-range rocket at Jerusalem, about 70 km (40) miles from the Palestinian enclave.

Israeli police said they had no immediate information on whether a rocket had hit the city.

UPDATE: A rocket has landed north of Jerusalem on Friday evening. There were no injuries and no damage reported.



  1. Please DO NOT report specific locations. This is borderline already.

    Israeli media are also not saying exactly where it fell. Only “A missile hit was identified in the Jerusalem region” (Ynet).

    Don’t give Hamas any information that will allow them to improve their missile’s accuracy. If you say it hit just north of Jerusalem, they’ll adjust it to hit a little further south next time…

  2. ES TZARAH for klal yisroel.
    Have your Gabbaim and Rabbonim speak and inspire the mispallim on Shabbos to daven, learn and build zechusim. Shuls and religious places in NY are in alert for this danger. Those who forgot; ISRAEL = WORLD JEWRY, we are 1 and the same.

  3. I was at the Kotel Friday night. I was VERY SHOCKED that the siren didn’t go off where we were. Instead, there was a cop going around screaming at everyone to run into the kotel tunnels.

    Very primitive techniques for the most important site in all of Israel.