Agudah Officials Call Efforts to Draft Avreichim Irresponsible

(Sunday, November 25th, 2012)

Participants in a meeting of Agudas Yisrael activists in the office of Meir Porush, they discussed the state’s recent response to a petition being heard by the High Court of Justice addressing the drafting of chareidim into the IDF. The state explained that beginning in the summer of 2013, thousands of chareidim are going to be called for military service.

The Agudah officials explain that such a policy is irresponsible and lacks a realization of the consequences of such a policy, the daily HaMevaser reports. Rav Porush reminded the khal that after the High Court of Justice ordered the expulsion of residents from homes in Beit El’s Ulpana neighborhood, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was quite vocal regarding his position, speaking of possibly legislating a law that would bypass the court’s decision. “Now that we are dealing with קודש הקדשים של עם ישראל,” the destruction of yeshivos R”L, the government permits itself to publically declare the draft of bnei yeshivos is a matter of a few months.

Porush added the state did not even bother to explain to the court that in actuality, the IDF cannot compel the avreichim to serve for in reality; they will prefer to fill the nation’s prisons before agreeing to abandon the benches of beis medrash.

Porush condemned the prime minister’s “immoral position”, for he feels that without the frum community Mr. Netanyahu would not have been elected yet now, he turns his back on this very same tzibur. Porush adds the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will become the first prime minister in the state’s history who rejects the study of Torah as the “profession” of the avreichim and therefore, is working to compel their draft into military service.

Porush explains the actions of the administration is tantamount to a declaration of war against the chareidi tzibur and on this matter there cannot and will not be the slightest compromise towards accommodating the position of the government.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Beezrat Hashem says:

    Hashem Yishmor! What a government! Don’t they know that one studing Talmid actually eliminates death of other soldiers and residents? Only in the merit of the holly Torah we still exist!
    Netanyahu, that’s your end!

  2. akuperma says:

    Yet Agudah in Israel has adopted a policy on foreign and military affairs that guarantees continued and permanent warfare with no hope of peace. Thus they are in the position of arguing in favor of Israeli soldiers dying, but not in favor of their own sons joining in (similar to the infamous “chicken hawks” that do much to undermine the credibility of the American right).

    The “religious zionists” are consistent. They support war but favor having their own sons die. Their position is consistent and logical. The traditonal hareidi position, largely limited to the miniscule Neturei Karta party and its extremely quiet (“cowered”) fellow travellers, is to favor peace with the Arabs (which means giving up a zionist state and becoming an autonomous religious community under Arab rule), which is also consistent and logical, and at least justifies refusing to serve in the army, as well as refusing to accept zionist money.

    Agudah and other “so called” hareidim (since they tremble more from the fear of losing government subsidies than fear of Ha-Shem) have a position that is inconsistent, hypocritical and illogical.

  3. Beezrat Hashem says:

    Akuperma, you got it all wrong! And you are doing hotzaas Shem rah!
    Agudah is not calling for peace. Is not calling for entering gaza by ground. They say whoever is studing Torah, Torato Umanuto (his Torah is his trait) should not go to the army! That’s true. The merit of the Torah protects us. The ones that not learn Torah should go to the army. Don’t forget that the avreuchim do not get any benefits that the soldiers get, and live mostly in poverty. The government is erev Rav government. They want to uproot all Torah from Am Israel. They can’t handle the Haredim. Yet, they just want to stop them from learning Torah! You don’t need to be genius to know… No Torah means wars, means no Am Israel chas ve’shalom!

  4. zionflag says:

    There is a population of Yeshiva Bochurim who are not spending their professional life as “learners”,,,those are the ones that are going to be drafted (& should). When there was interest in reforming the TAL LAW, no religious/charedei party came to meetings about it….and now there is NO LAW ON THE BOOKS.

  5. Gadolhadorah says:

    Porush is a political hypocite. He demands money for his mosdos and expects other Israelis to subsidize his chareidi constitutents with tax dollars (from those who work). But when it comes to sharing the burden of defending the medinah, he fabricates a story about the “destruction of yeshivos” by the courts. No one is talking about “destroying” anything. These bochurim can take a year or two from their studies and engage in some form of public service, either in the IDF or working in hospitals, schools, or other public facilities doing whatever work they are qualified for. Indeed, taking a year or two off in the IDF or public service might teach them desparately needed skill to earn a parnassah which they will obviously need when they graduate from kollel and want to start a family.

  6. OrLeOlam says:

    Apukerma, you are being ridiculous. The tziyonom don’t want their children to die, either. Your hyperbole belies your attemp at “cool logic.”

    As to your argu,ent, how do you see the chareidim as being hypocritical? Their position is very consistent. When EY is in matzav sakana, they say that Israel needs maximum torah study as a protection.

  7. bklynmom says:

    Large number of 18-19 yr old ‘non-learning’ Charedei are filling the streets of Yerushalayim and Bet Shemesh.

    What would you suggest they should do? Enroll in religious brigades in IDF, start vocational studies, leave the country, keep on signing off in Yeshivos that they are NOT attending or what? Is it possible to be realistic ever on this subject….

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