UPDATE: Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller & Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt to Host Prague Women’s Retreat


[PAID ADVERTISEMENT]  After last year’s successful program, this year Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller together will Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt will host an inspiring, relaxing, and rejuvenating 4-Day Women’s Winter Retreat in the enchanting city of Prague – January 9-13, 2013.

The ultimate winter break! The location is the beautiful and enchanting city of Prague where Rebbbetzin Heller and Mrs. Greenblatt are teaming up with Nesivos Jewish Legacy Tours www.nesivos.com to create an unforgettable opportunity for religious women of all ages to recharge their spiritual batteries. During the course of four-days, participants will be treated to an action-packed and uplifting weekend retreat; stimulating lectures by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller and Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt, informal discussions, touring Prague’s breathtaking sites, experiencing Prague’s ancient Jewish quarter, davening at the kivrei tzaddikim, and enjoy must-needed downtime time with friends, gourmet meals, and more!

Rebbetzin Heller is a senior lecturer for over three decades at Neve Yerushalayim and an internationally renowned figure in Jewish women’s education and outreach, a bestselling author and a gifted columnist for Hamodia, Aish.com and other Jewish publications.

Debbie Greenblatt has been involved in teaching and counseling Jewish women for over twenty-five years. Mrs. Greenblatt speaks on topics related to Jewish thought, personal relationships and textual based education. She is a founder of the Women’s Division of Gateways and gives classes in the New York metropolitan area as well as across the country. For over twenty years, her weekly class in the works of Rabbi Dessler has served as an anchor in her own life, and has changed the lives of many of those who have attended.

Now accepting reservations – space is limited. For more information contact Nesivos: In the US: 718-407-4447∙ In Israel: 972-54-528-1991, email: info@nesivos.com / www.nesivos.com