Chanukah Gift Ideas for the Whole Family


With Chanukah right around the corner, Jewish parents the world over are on the lookout for that perfect Chanukah gift for their children. At Israel Bookshop, the presses are humming as they bring to you three fantastic new titles to present to that special youngster or teen in your life—or, in some cases, to splurge on for yourself!—this Chanukah season. And all at 20% Chanukah Sale savings!

Exploring the Wild World of Animals is a magnificent, oversized book all about animals, written from a Torah perspective. Full-color photos of each animal nearly leap out of the pages at you, as you read about the feeding habits, physical characteristics, and lifespan in the wild of 35 different members of the animal kingdom, as well as lots of other information about them. Loaded with Fast Facts, Wacky Facts, Did You Know… tidbits, and of course the popular “Animal Cracker ” jokes about each animal, you’ll find this incredible book to be entertaining as much as it is informative.

This book makes a fantastic Chanukah gift for readers of all ages. Your kids will be entranced by the virtual safari it offers—and so will you!

Kriyah Coach is an outstanding gift for children. Do you have a child who’s learning to read Hebrew? Does he/she need to have lots of fun and stimulation? If so, this interactive DVD that teaches kids how to read Hebrew in a most fun and exciting way is going to be high priority on your gift list this Chanukah!

This incredibly multi-faceted DVD offers a brilliant combination of interactive games, high-quality animation, and an actual classroom setting featuring world-renowned kriayh specialist, Rabbi Henoch Potash of Yeshivah Darchei Torah. Your child will join in with Rabbi Potash’s class and will be calling out the answers to the rebbi’s drill questions along with all the other students. Additionally, his speed at reading Hebrew will increase dramatically as he whizzes through the fun games brought to him by “The Alef-Beis Train” on this DVD.

And finally, we present Avraham Ben Avraham, a beloved classic that has been out of print for years, but now, at long last, has been reprinted—with a whole new look and an updated front cover. This beautifully-written historical novel, written by famous author Selig Schachnowitz, has been known to resonate deeply in the hearts of both teens and adults, as it dramatically brings to life the story of the legendary ger tzeddek of Vilna, set against the backdrop of the rich tapestry of Jewish life in the Ashkenazic communities of mid-eighteenth-century Europe. Treat your teenager, or yourself, to this tantalizing work…you’ll be amazed at its pull and its power.

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