Manhattan: Thousands Of Rare Posters Stolen By Nazis To Be Auctioned


Several thousand pre-World War II posters seized by the Nazis are coming to a New York City auction.

The 4,000 posters are by such noted artists as Alphonse Mucha and Jules Cheret.

Their estimated value is $10 million.

Guernsey’s auction house says if a single buyer cannot be found for the entire collection, the posters will be sold Jan. 18-20.

The collection once numbered 12,500 posters. They promoted everything from art and travel to products and movies.

The German Historical Museum in Berlin returned the posters to the son of the collector, Hans Sachs, in October following a five-year court battle.

Sachs, who died in 1974, believed his collection had been destroyed.

His son, Peter Sachs, of Las Vegas, discovered their existence in 2005.