Tibi’s Ra’am-Ta’al Moves to Five Seats


MK Dr. Ahmad Tibi told Channel 2 TV News that he and his colleagues are most pleased with the 20% increase in their party’s presence in Knesset, earning over 135,000 votes.

He explained while the Arab parties are generally not part of the ruling coalition, “we can put the brakes on the right-wing” and he stresses the importance of this mission.

When asked “Why don’t you unite” in reference to the Arab parties, he replied “Why don’t you unite” in reference to the Jewish parties.

Regarding the presidential mandate, Tibi stated that generally speaking he does not recommend anyone, and this time, “If there was another option, someone capable of running the nation we would recommend him to counter Netanyahu but it does not appear to be the case.” Tibi stated that Yair Lapid himself has stated he is not qualified to run the country.

Tibi feels the result of the election is indicative regarding the feeling that is prevalent in Israel for they voted in a radical change from the outgoing 18th Knesset, which Tibi feels was too extreme and ill suited to rule the nation.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The press should not show any of this evil anti~semites venom that spews from his mouth, he should not be allowed to have a voice in the Jewish media anytime anywhere!