YWN Wishes All Readers a Freilichen Purim!


Please note that YWN will be updated throughout Purim with any major news stories, and will resume normal postings after Purim.

Please be aware, that the NYPD will have zero tolerance for intoxicated drivers, and other irresponsible driving. Extra officers have been places on the roads in heavily populated Frum communities, and although officers are fully understanding as to the festivities of the day, they will be strictly enforcing all vehicle and traffic laws.

The NYPD is also on the lookout for any groups collecting in box trucks or pick-up trucks. Any truck seen on the streets with a group of Bochrim in the back will be impounded by the NYPD – no questions asked.

Please take a moment to read the following few important safety tips – courtesy of Hatzolah:

With Purim here we must remind ourselves that, though this is a Yom Tov of fun and good will to others, it is also a time when we must be extra diligent about our safety. Unfortunately, due to careless behavior and thoughtlessness, Purim often ends in tragedy. By being aware of circumstances and taking a few precautions, we can have a safe and happy Purim.

*On this day there are many inexperienced drivers on the road. Teenagers and boys home from Yeshiva, who may have licenses but very little driving experience, are all too happy to do the family driving.

*Be extra careful about obeying traffic regulations. In our rush to distribute the Mishloach Manos we often make serious misjudgments.

*Be alert to the fact that, in their excitement, children may not be careful when crossing the street. Always be on the lookout for youngsters jutting out from in between cars.

*Being that we are constantly in and out of the car, we may be less careful about buckling up. Remember – most accidents happen within close proximity of our homes. Even if you will be driving only a short distance, all occupants of your vehicle must be seat-belted!

*If you suspect that someone has been drinking alcohol, by no means should you allow him to drive. Never permit your children to get into a car that will be driven by someone who may have been drinking, no matter how it may inconvenience you.

*If your son is going to be collecting Tzedaka on Purim, please do your homework. Make sure that the group he will be going out with will be carefully monitored and will follow a specific set of rules that will ensure his safety. This should include strict prohibitions about drinking alcohol, a responsible adult to make sure that the boys are not reckless when darting through traffic, positively no standing in the back of trucks or vans with open doors and no riding on the outside of vehicles.

Wishing all of Klal Yisroel a happy, healthy and safe Purim. And remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Make sure to take your cameras, and snap some photos to be posted in the YWN Purim Album – which will I”H be posted after Shushan Purim. All photos should be submitted to ywphotos@gmail.com

YWN Editor and staff.