US Embassy in Israel: No Settlers or Chareidim


obaLast week YWN-ISRAEL reported that students from Ariel University in Shomron, the “West Bank” as the United States views the Shomron city were not invited to participate in the official event during President Barak Obama’s visit. Students from every other Israeli university were invited to participate in a special event in which the US president will address them.

Ariel students plan to protest during the presidential visit in response to the discriminatory policy by US consular officials in Israel.

Next on the list are chareidim. In the official US Embassy in Tel Aviv Welcome Obama video, we see men and women, Jews and Arabs, Ashkenazim and Sephardim, non-Jews and other ethnicities, but no chareidim. A coincidence, perhaps….

See the 1.01 minute video that appears on the US Embassy in Tel Aviv homepage:

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. For the life of me I can’t believe that so many people in Israel are pro-wannabe Ayatollah Obummer.
    That 2 faced person, who has done an about-face at least 3 times about our country to lure the Jewish vote, is absolutely sickening.
    Wake up people. He will attempt to force Israel into an unsecured peace with muslim terrorists and fanatics. He has an agenda and that’s to destroy Israel as a free nation.
    Do not feed to his legacy.

  2. The video is a typical Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, on the street clip. There are no kipahs, Torah Jews or any Frum Anglos featured.

    SO WHAT? The smiling, welcoming, cheery, singing faces mean zero and shows no specific love, admiration or respect for the USA president who is avoiding the Knesset, students of Ariel or any Israel lover.

  3. What does a settler look like? I was unaware they dressed differently than other Israelis?

    That no one in “yeshivish” dress participated is reasonable as real one are too busy and dressing up someone to pretend to be hareidi would backfire since hilonim rarely get it right.

    There were non-Arab women wearing clothes, so that doesn’t preclude there being hareidi women in the video. Indeed, not all hareidim wear long coats and formal hats on weekdays, though most wouldn’t be talked into a silly publicity video.

    Whatever damage Obama is alleged to have done, or is planning to do, it is minimal compared to Lapid and Bennett. A nuke would be a mere incovenience, whereas the yeshivos are a matter of life or death.

  4. #1. Great question. I have many questions too. Why so many in Israel still believe that trading land for peace will work. Imagine the US giving the state of Texas to Mexico, will that solve our immigration peace problems? Secondly, why the state imposes high taxes on nearly everything, cars, gasoline, income, etc? In short, there are many problems which aren’t even religion-related. But I do admit, they have wonderful healthcare.