Brooklyn: 4 People Shot In Coney Island, 1 Fatally


ambulanceFour people have been shot, one fatally, in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn.

Police say Friday there are three male victims and one female victim. One of the men was killed.

Police say there is no suspect and the investigation is ongoing. The shooting took place near a public housing project.

A Fire Department official says one of the victims was in critical condition and another was in serious but stable condition. The status of the fourth victim was not immediately known.

Authorities say the injured victims were being transported to Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn.



  1. What NYC needs is stricter gun control laws! Oh, wait…they already have the most stringent ban in the nation. It’s doing lots of good. Perhaps Mayor Banberg should try outlawing murder.

  2. all the thugs have guns in NYC or could get them regardless of the paperwork law abiding folks have to do to get a weapon

    gun control does not work, bad guys will have guns regardless

  3. The most cogent, sound and convincing discussion of the utility – and futility – of gun control in protecting the public from gun crimes appears in the widely despised (among YWN commenters) New York Times:

    The article is by David Brooks, a conservative New York Times columnist and was published on March 25, 2013. I have not made up my mind about whether we should give up on gun control, but he makes an excellent case that further gun control will not have a significant effect on murder or other gun-crime rates. And he makes his case with facts, not sarcasm or slogans.