Eastern Union to “Give Back” by Offering Free Real Estate Courses to Americans Living in Israel


ira_zlotowitzEastern Union, one of the largest and fastest growing commercial real estate financing firms in the US, is now offering a free, concise and comprehensive real estate course to the English-speaking Israeli public. For those thinking about entering the workforce at any point, this four week course, which will take place twice a week at night, is a great opportunity with no downside, cost or restrictions at all. “Real Estate 101” will cover a broad area of general real estate topics, including acquisitions, syndication, due diligence, risk management, dealing with third parties (e.g. appraisers, inspectors, etc.), investment property types, valuations, financing, property management, leasing, and tax benefits.

The web-based course will be accessible to anyone with internet access and will take place during the last month of the zman, which is every Sunday and Wednesday during the month of June. It will be live at 9pm -11pm Israel time, 2pm – 4pm EST. The course will be interactive, allowing students’ input in real time.

Attendees will be able to get an idea of what interests them in the real estate arena and they’ll be well-positioned to decide what to pursue in their career. This educational course will also add a nice dimension to a resume, especially for someone just entering the business world. Individuals completing this course will be better equipped to enter any real estate office or business with the knowledge to hit the ground running in their new career.

The courses will be led by Eastern Union’s president, Ira Zlotowitz, who runs offices spread across several states, and has trained more people in real estate than any other in the community. Many who have attended Ira’s courses are now very successful in a wide range of real estate and general business ventures. This free, goal oriented course is the first of its kind in Israel and will be catered to all English-speaking men or women in Israel – yet anyone can take advantage of it – even residents of the US.

Eastern Union itself is on track to close $3 billion in financing this year by working closely with a spectrum of lenders to finance transactions for multifamily, office, retail, hotel, healthcare, industrial, construction, co-op and self-storage properties. This course gives people the opportunity to become part of this lucrative and growing industry.

If you are an individual with a strong desire to learn and the commitment and dedication to see things through, email realestatecourse@easternuf.com to find out how this opportunity can work for you.

(YWN – World Headquarters – NYC)