Rav Arussi: I Will Deal with Discrimination Against Women in Chareidi Sector

(Thursday, June 27th, 2013 07:30 AM)

arussiRabbi Dr. Ratzon Arussi, a contender in the race to become the next Rishon L’Tzion, announced that if elected, he would address discrimination against women in the chareidi sector. Rabbi Arussi, who currently serves as Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Ono, also holds a doctorate in law from Tel Aviv University.

Rabbi Arussi said “The problem of discrimination against women in the chareidi/ dati sector often tarnishes an entire kehilla in the Israeli tzibur. The time has come for the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to show the courage and act in line with Halacha regarding explosive issues like discrimination against women in the public transportation system, the street and segregated sidewalks.”

He plans to establish a unit that would be a center to receive calls and complaints on the matter gender segregation. The complaints would be filed appropriately towards finding solutions and releasing piskei Halacha to address them.”

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“I am for the glorification of women and not the exclusion of women. People at times do not remember that Judaism not only relies on its forefathers, but its matriarchs as well” the rav concluded.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. AMCHU says:

    He Even has velvet “STRUKIS”

    Maybe besides for being a Rabbi, a Doctor, and a “Community activist”, He might even be a Rebeh ?


  2. Yira says:

    Send in your coplaints:

    Why can’t female Kohanim do the Avoideh
    Why does a Woman need a Get from her husband and not visa versa.
    Why could a daughter be sold by her father as a slave but ha can not sell his son.
    Why doesn’t he have to ask his wife for permission before selling his daughter.
    Why weren’t there female Malchei Yehuda and Malchei Yisroel.
    Why could woman become a Soiteh and not a man.

  3. akuperma says:

    If the was a problem of gender discrimination within the frum community, you would have many frum men unable to find shidduchim, since the women would be going off the derekh. What you find is a high level of economic activity among women, and the “frummer” you are, the more like the woman is engaged in a profession other than as a homemaker.

    What it means is that the zionist candidate for the job is reassuring his masters that he’ll be a loyal soldier in their war against the hareidim.

  4. talmud student says:

    rabbi dr. usually spells trouble.

  5. Toras Moshe says:

    This is a no-goodnik. If he will falsely tarnish Frum Jews by falsely claiming they discriminate against women, let him stay in his shell.

  6. Happy Olah says:

    #3 – Blowing off the subject with ridiculous claims will not make it go away. The truth is that real social and political (NOTE: I’m not saying halachic) discrimination is suffered by Chareidi women.

  7. bklynmom says:

    In agreement #6.
    Even salaries for frum women are not competitive with men doing the same jobs.

  8. talmud student says:

    #6 what are these social and political discriminations that charedi women suffer from ? please elaborate.

  9. Toras Moshe says:

    #7: That’s universally true across America and other places with the secular population. The reason being women take off more time from business (child bearing, family, etc.) and thus are less experienced.

  10. RabbiYoni says:

    Ah, reading all your comments, I find it amusing that Ashkenazi Americans have no idea who the Rav is. Things that sound different to you and you jump of the walls. Cute.

  11. cobycom1 says:

    #4. Rabbi Dr sounds like trouble? An educated man who has perspective. I guess the Rambam and Ramban sounded like trouble in their day too.

  12. Happy Olah says:

    #8 – let’s start with the fact that there are streets where women are not permitted to walk, times (like chol hamoed sukkos) where they are not permitted to leave their homes (Meah Shearim), that they have NO say whatsoever in matters that concern them (child care, elder care, where and how mikvahs could be built (not halachic issues, obviously). In fact, chareidi women aren’t consulted about anything. Have you been on buses where women are standing while strangers hold their babies, because there aren’t enough seats at the back of the bus? I have.

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