Binyan Shalem Construction Protests Resume in Beit Shemesh



The Jerusalem Magistrate Court on Tuesday, 7 Elul 5773 extended the remand of 20 of 29 chareidim arrested during stormy protests surrounding the controversial Binyan Shalem project in Beit Shemesh. The protest surrounded Asra Kadisha fears that the construction project compromises Jewish kevarim in that area.

According to Post Chadashot, the suspects in detention are not cooperating with police as they prefer to remain silent. The court extended their remand because they refused to identify themselves to police. Those suspects who were released were slapped with restrictions, including distancing them from the construction site for 90 days. They also had to put up bail prior to their release.

The renewed protests on Wednesday, 8 Elul 5773 and meetings with Gedolei Yisrael by Asra Kadisha officials seem to have led to the decision to halt construction indefinitely. HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita has appointed three dayanim to meet with experts and announce a psak Halacha regarding the future of the project.

However, on Wednesday, in line with approval of unnamed rabbonim, construction resumed in areas that are not viewed as controversial as opposed to the areas where bones were found in the past.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I wonder if they do some type of scan and find out that their houses where built over graves would they move out or come up with some heter?

  2. Baruch Hashem for these tzaddikim including Gedolim who get beaten up for their protests against excavation’S’ all the time and still do their job faithfully in honor of the deceased who surely are meilitz yosher for them.

    Unfortunately the media, including religious media, are silencing MOST of these excavations in Israel throughout the year. If people would just know what’s going on in Israel, they would understand that this is not isolated incident but one of the many shameful digging up of graves throughout the years.

  3. #2. Tzadiicium. Reign toys people are you kidding these thugs nearly killed a seventh year old man that gax gone to our illustrious leaders. For advice
    Sorry these are aren’t tzadikim they are thugs with nothing else to do

  4. #2….The graves could be from the Crusaders, Babylonians, Ottoman Turks, indigenous Arabs, travellers through the centuries, Assyrians, Phillistines, Christian on pilgrimages, and a host of others not necessarily Jewish.Rav Shturnbach already rules that you can dig and build. read a book or two and educate yourself about the history of our Holy Land before labeling people tzaddikim..

  5. #4 I don’t know where you got your information from but RAV STERNBUCH shlit”a HIMSELF participates in MANY of these excavation protests. Educate yourself instead of trying to fool others and yourself.

  6. #4 Even Rav Shternbuch didn’t say they can build, he admits that it may be Jewish graves, but since the likelihood being so is very small (according to him), he allowed to open the graves to check out.

    As far as my information goes, the area was questionable a long time, and that’s why the developers got it for such a cheap price.

    It’s not a question weather to build or not, you’re allowed to build on graves, but only on a platform, which they don’t want to do, unless the graves are opened and it’s decided clearly that it’s Jewish. (Which acoording to Asra Kadisha and many rabannim, BDT”Z, B”D of Nisim Karelitz, is by itself desecrating graves, Rav Shtrernbuch is only allowing it, since he believes that it’s a very small likelihood).

    I’m not taking any positions, I leave it for the Rabbanim. But the facts are very deisturbed in the Jewish media, and I see a lot of people having opinions and they rely on Rav Shtrenbuch, like he would be god, and disregard all other Rabbanim who say it’s not allowed.

  7. Athought- shtussim- R shternbuch and R kopshitz both ruled its muttar in this case. you are making things up. he said it pikuach nefesh that these people are paying rent and mashkanta at the same time. muttar. the asra kaddisha is 20 bored chalmis. save yor kao’us for when its needed.

  8. 1. He got a cheap price on the land because he bought it 35 years ago!!!! not because there were bones- he is an erlich guy who went to rav shteinman and other rabanim and got the OK to now build there… the area is behind Ramat Shilo and corner of Arugot… this area is now buildable/sellable because the other areas grew out to it…
    2. this area is being built for charidim
    3. i personally think its a dangerous place to live because its very close proximity to kav 418 electric lines.
    4. if people in NY set areas, parks and garbage on fire they would be in jail fora bit and given heavy fines..these guys are going to get out with a slap on their back…..

    these people are NOT frum- they are NOT erlich – they are people who are causing thousands of people to say “I dont want to be like them” if these Chariedim are supposed to be elitist – the best of the best jews, the kids are all saying i dont want to be such a good jew…. its turning off kids by the boatload… these people and their so called rabbis will need to answer for this for a long time… if you live here in beit shemesh Aleph/Shilo/Schinefeld – virtually every rav will tell you the affect on kids….. kids are going off the derech by the boatload because of these types of things….

  9. These demos/protest/riots are funded by allies in Brooklyn who will do anything and everything to defame the Israeli ZIONIST government no matter what the issue is.

    Right, Wrong or otherwise has zero connection to these acts of zealotry. Those who think otherwise are drinking from OK Koolaid.

  10. You’re right Bklynmom, it’s from Willy and they’re pouring heavy$$$$ into this campaign of defamation , loshon hara and rechilus. They’ve been doing it for years and now their 3rd generation has been infected with this virus.

  11. #12 Like what you’re doing is not loshon hara and rechilus?

    #7 When Chilonim build a project and are about to lose money, it’s not Pikuach Nefesh? Once you set a double standard for Charedim and Chilonim, why should they even listen to you?

  12. #13….. Saying that Willy pours $$$$ into a hate campaign is loshon hora?
    Their loshon hora & R… also includes cursing Jews, calling them Amalek, denying the nissim that are happening in EY, and meraglim talk for which we suffer still today. Worst of all, they cause a sinat chinom that’s obsessively sick. NOW say I’m talking loshon hora.