Daily News Endorses Christine Quinn For NYC Mayor


nydnThe Daily News is endorsing Christine Quinn, saying she’s the Democratic primary candidate best qualified to lead New York as mayor over the next four years.

The newspaper said the City Council speaker “combines the clearest understanding of the difficulties facing the city with the most extensive record of getting things done.”

The comments were posted on the newspaper’s website Wednesday night.

Quinn is trying to be the city’s first female and openly gay mayor.

Polls show she’s in a near dead-heat with Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and former comptroller Bill Thompson.

Ex-congressman Anthony Weiner, a former front runner whose support collapsed after his latest scandal, is in fourth. He is trailed by Comptroller John Liu.



  1. To Commenter No. 2 and the YWN editors: Commenter No. 2 has used the masculine honorific (“Mr.”) and the masculine reflexive pronoun (“himself”) to refer to mayoral candidate and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Did commenter no. 2 intend the use of these masculine forms as a reference to or disparagement of Ms. Quinn’s gender orientation? And if so, do the YWN editors consider it appropriate on a frum web site to publish an insult of this kind?

    And now that I have looked at the screen name for commenter no. 2, did he choose his screen name to use an anti-Semitic slur?

  2. reb nfgo3: are you the political correctness police? just chill. its elul, lets be dan l’kaf zechus. he probably just made a couple of typos.

  3. To “jew yorker” re your comment now numbered 3: Yes, it is possible that the former comment no. 2 – which has been removed by the YWN editors – was a result of typos, and my comments leave open the possibility that that was the case. The YWN editors determined to remove former comment no. 2, and I think they were wise to do so.

    As for your dismissal of my comment as “political correctness,” I say that I was concerned only with “chesed correctness.” Ms. Quinn’s gender orientation may be a breach of a mitzvah, but she is nevertheless entitled to chesed from all of us.

    And your addressing me as “reb” is disrespectful to real rebs.