Israel Municipal Elections: Afula


afulaAfter years of competing, achdus is the atmosphere is the upcoming municipal elections in Afula as the chareidim are running under one united list which includes Shas, headed by attorney Tzuri Cohen; Agudas Yisrael, headed by David Douav; Degel Hatorah, headed by Menachem Gold and Tekuma, headed by Ezra Sharabi. Their combined list is competing under the name Gesher (Bridge) and the voting code is שס”ג, shin, samach and gimmel.

The lack of harmony in the last election cost the chareidim in representation and this time around, it appears personal differences were put aside to advance the tzibur’s Torah agenda.

Over recent years many families affiliated with Gur have moved into the city, including the Chanichei Yeshivos tzibur, and today there is a yeshiva gedola. The city’s Vishnitz community is also growing.

The combined chareidi list is hoping to emerge from elections with 3-4 seats on the Afula city council.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)