After Mega Blizzard Threatens to Cancel Marathon, Team HASC Fights Back & Takes Flight



What a week it’s been with Team HASC! Wednesday morning they were informed that their group flights scheduled to depart Thursday were cancelled due to the recent storm. With the extraordinary help of Eli Rowe, a man who worked tirelessly and literally moved mountains to help Team HASC, he was able to acquire a chartered flight from New York to Fort Lauderdale last minute.

On late Thursday night, at around 10 PM, Team HASC received a call from Eli Rowe that their chartered flight had recently been cancelled due to factors beyond their control. It was at this time that he, yet again, stepped up to the plate and saved the day. With the help of Penina Zlata Wolff, Eli began making calls to an assortment of airlines to help Team HASC locate a new chartered flight. From start to finish, he was by Team HASC’s side to help make it happen. Late into the night, Eli contacted JetBlue to see if there were any possible ways to help Team HASC get to Florida. Through the night, numerous calls were made back and forth between Jet Blue and Eli Rowe, as well as numerous top officials from JFK Airport and the TSA.

As the clock struck twelve, the news arrived; Team HASC had a private Jet Blue flight leaving JFK Friday morning and arriving in Fort Lauderdale later that day. Of their 109 runners scheduled to depart on the original chartered flight, all but 9 were confirmed on Friday morning’s Jet Blue departure. The remaining 9 runners, were awoken in the middle of the night, given less than three hours’ notice to board a separate flight. Team HASC cannot begin to thank these 9 runners, along with those who had to alter previous arrangements in order to make the flight. Countless friends of Team HASC were called upon to assist in getting their runners, team members and friends to the appropriate locations.

To top it all off, with the assistance of Eli Rowe, and the support of Jet Blue, Team HASC can proudly say that no additional funds were allocated to pay for this private chartered flight. With the money that was reimbursed from their canceled flights, not only were they able to cover the cost of the Jet Blue flight, but were able to generate a significant amount of excess funds that will be used towards the campers of Camp HASC.

“We cannot begin to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to Eli Rowe, Jet Blue and the Jewish community at large for the outpour of love and support to make Team HASC’s dream a reality.”

(YWN – Michael Hurtes, Michie Alper)


  1. Wow! Wow! WOW! What an amazing kiddush Hashem! I know I would be devastated if after doing all that fundraising and training I found out my flight was cancelled!

  2. The young man on the right in the yellow shirt is Avi Sacks who’s been working for HASC for years and was director of Camp HASC a few years ago

  3. Wow HASHEM works in midah kneged midah! Just like hasc performs miracles so does HASHEM! Thanks to Avi sacks, Michael hurtes, Ben Herskowitz and all other ppl tht helped!