From Muslim to Bar Mitzvah at the Kosel



Another celebration and another milestone for Yad L’Achim as another boy became Bar-Mitzvah who would have otherwise been lost to the Jewish people forever.

The boy’s mother moved to an Arab village two decades ago, after converting to Islam. Her abusive husband forbade her from contacting any of the other women in the village, or even from stepping foot outside her home. A short while ago, she found the courage to contact Yad L’Achim and begged to be rescued.

In a complex operation, whose details can’t yet be publicized, Yad L’Achim rescued the woman and her three children and brought them to a safe house in Eretz Yisrael that it had equipped with everything they needed to live. With the help of Yad L’Achim’s legal staff, she filed a complaint with the police against her violent husband and petitioned the rabbinical court to overturn her conversion to Islam.

Thanks to these efforts, she received exclusive custody of the children.

Yad L’Achim assigned a social worker to the family, who formed a tight bond with the mother. At the same time, mentors were provided for the children to help them take their first steps back toward Judaism.

Yad L’Achim helps rescue hundreds of Jewish women and children from Arab Villages each year. Every Jewish child rescued is in essence the rescue of many future generations of Jews as well. The bar-mitzvah celebration is especially appropriate as it took place near the Yom Tov of Pesach is approaching. At a time when we celebrate our freedom as a nation, the rescuing of a Jewish child and his celebration of this important Jewish milestone is most appropriate.

The Bar Mitzvah last week was a milestone for the family.

On the way to the Kosel, the social worker asked the asked the boy if, a year ago, he would have believed he would be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah.

“I would have asked you, ‘What’s a Bar Mitzvah?’ My father forbade my mother from talking to us about these things and I didn’t even know I was a Jew.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Nice story, but:

    1. One doesn’t need to petition a rabbinical court to cancel a conversion. By halacha, all conversion are void ab initio.

    2. If neighbors were aware of a woman locked in a house they would worry that something criminal was going on. She went through three pregnancies without seeing a doctor. Were the children also confined in the house (similar to the recent US case where several women were held captive for many years)?

    3. If she openned the door and walked out and slugged an Israeli policeman (and Israel is a police state, not hard to find a cop, and they have a very poor sense of humor) – she would have been arrested and removed from the home. Problem solved.

    I’m not saying the story is false, but it might be a bit of an exaggeration.

  2. The boy’s mother moved to an “ARAB VILLAGE” two decades ago, after converting to Islam.
    AKUPERMA sheesh read the article!!!!!!

  3. akuperma,

    1, i agree

    2, we’re talking about arabs here not regular people

    3, he forbade her from leaving the house read the article, and why should she hit a cop, just tell them in hebrew get me out of here, im jewish and abused

  4. To akuperman
    You speak from ignorance
    Abuse of women is rampant in Muslim quarters. The neighbors were on the side of the Arab husband. The Israeli police stay out of Arab villages.

  5. #1 – Slugged an Israeli policeman in an arab village????? Again commenting from America with no clue how things work in Israel. There are no Israeli police in Arab villages in “Area A”. Plus abuse against woman is common in these villages, as specially if she is Jewish, they take pride in trapping Jewish women, and the whole village helps keep her isolated.
    This story is in no way an exaggeration, Yad LAchim is an amazing organization with volunteers who risk their lives getting these women out of palestinian controlled areas.

  6. Kuperman just doesn’t like when people speak bad about his Arab brothers. When one says the emes about them he’s the first to cry that is too exaggerated or that sof kol sof, the tzionim are to blame for everything.

  7. @akuperma
    True one doesn’t need a Rabbinical court to cancel the conversion (bc she was born a jew) but on paper with the secular government, she is considered legally a muslim.

  8. @akuperma
    Just reading your comments without seeing your name I just knew it was you. Did you ever hear of al tadun es chavercha ad shetaamod bmkomo? Have YOU ever been imprisoned in an Arab village? I didn’t think so.